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We're a team of three people working on our first 3D game project: Eclipsed.

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We'll start by presenting our upcoming 3D project: Eclipsed.

Eclipsed is a dark fantasy action-adventure game with stealth components. It is set in a medieval fictional world where twins develop one of two abilities: Light or Shadow. You play as Aelizia, a single-born child who is seen as a threat by the ruling elite when she starts manifesting both Light and Shadow abilities. Once exclusive to the ruling family, Aelizia's Eclipse abilities will change Mirstone and its destiny forever.

As for the game's narrative, here's the "official" summary:

In Mirstone, parents always have twins, who develop one of two abilities: Light or Shadow. Fifteen-year-old Aelizia, born without a twin, manifests both abilities, making her a threat to Theo’s tyranny. With the help of her Eclipse abilities, she must escape him, leave Mirstone, and find a way to fight back and avenge her mother’s death.

Stay tuned for more Eclipsed news!
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