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This week, we’ve made a bunch more progress with the lifeforms. This is all great.

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Hello you-you silly little piece of furniture. (cliff notes: we made aliens. It’s ok to skip to the pictures.)

Last week we started doing stuff related to the generation of land-walking-creeps (creatures, lifeforms). I was gunking around with some deer bodies. This week, we’ve made a bunch more progress with the lifeforms. This is all great. We need this stuff. What is pete doing? Pete has added many planets & is creating galactic lore. The encyclopedia is growing well.

Wait why? why even do this? ……. ? Why do you “need” this? … ok woah. wait look:….. Our galaxy requires beasts known as bilateral ground walkers (BGWs). They will inhabit planets. They’ll have backstories. They’ll be the basis for some sentient life groups. You’ll be able to interact with them (not in real-time, but in a Civilization IV kind-of-way). You’ll attempt to avoid some of them (when your ship crashes on a planet). And, heeyryf fpaall, what would be the point of a galaxy be without life anyway?

Myea. I’m 90% happy with the results, I think at times there are too many tusks (I can fix that). And the number of parts, seems to – I think – limit the range of possible monsters. I dunno, since this was only supposed to be 1 out of 18 animal\lifeform groups living in the galaxy (still got fish, birds, etc), I’m ok with it. I’LL BE FINE. OK? It will take a lot of work to grow the diversity of these things.

To me, these things seem kind of real. I think humans are good at identifying anything that remotely resembles a potential food-source or scary-predator (a buffalo is both). By using abstraction in the form of low-poly shapes and soft pillow pastel colors, animals seemed pretty easy to fake — or maybe I am the only one who thinks these look like animals. OR, maybe we are all just innately hungry and scared… and I’m RIGHT! hehe, lol, jk. yes. certain liberties can be had with this process, and idk if the human mind really notices the impossibilities.

Anyway, these dangerous animals are mostly assembled using prefabricated parts. Horns, eyes, trunks, eyes, snouts, ;), etc. They are then positioned, scaled, and connected in algorithmic (cryptic) ways, and finally: colored. They have lots of “sometime”-things. These are like things that they sometimes have: such as a tail. Sometimes they have 5 tails! Regardless, here is a small pack of randomly generated lifeforms. At the end there is also a video showing how they randomly get created in milliseconds. they are polygon-friends:







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