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Post news RSS Diana's Lyre Devlog #10 - Before the launch

In this devlog, our team shows you the many other things that were ade before the final launch!

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Greetings people! Last week we shared the thought process behind the creation of the very first room that will be playable, today we ask for your for forgiveness for the lack of updates, and show you many things made for our game before the launch!

Let's begin, shall we?

Sketching time!

Last week, we showed you sketches of the protagonist's bedroom, but today we will show you sketches from the second playable area and of other NPCs in the game!

First, let's talk about the playable areas, one of them being the Temple Area, here is the very first sketch for it.


Here, we wanted to bring out the very important structure, this one being the temple! After a lot of work, our team got this as our final result, as well as some new puzzle assets.

Screenshot 1qqq



We also created two more different levels with other puzzles.




Now, NPCs!

Throughout the time, our team created various NPCs for this game, some of them being essential to the completion of the game. Here we're going to showcase the process behind their creation.

First is the archeologist, Ana Fortes, with her thumbnails, sketches, model sheet, and final illustration.



FinalConceptModelsheet1 With BagModelsheet1 Without Bag3 4Poses2DArtI FinalIllustration project

We also created a mother animation for the first part of the game.


And some other things for the NPCs



For this 10th week, we showed you the majority of things that our team had been working on in these last couple of weeks! Hopefully, Diana's Lyre will be released today on Itchio!

We hope you have a great day, and until then, see ya!



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