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Fixes bugs, update systems, new functions and work with widgets...

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  • Level restart works correctly.
  • Fixed transition between levels.
  • The bomber returns to its path and is ready to destroy the player's ship.
  • Saving and loading data is now correct.
  • All planes fly correctly and try to destroy the player, no false self-destructs.

Screenshot 2022 02 08 032239


  • Gamepad control button settings.
  • Implemented test auto-aim.
  • Made a hardcode mode for enthusiasts and achievement hunters (in this mode: only 1 life, no restarts and saves).
  • Delays have been created before the start and end of the game, there are plans to put a siren or other sounds of preparation for battle there.
  • The player now has a reload every 10 shots, it's making the game harder.
  • Made the logic of level completion when the player dies, the player will be asked to complete the level again after death.

Screenshot 2022 02 08 030356


  • Animations for the appearance / decay of transitions between menu items.
  • Fixed visibility of start button.
  • The continue button in the menu is not available if there is no saved game.
  • Added warning windows for deleting saves, exiting the game, restarting the level, returning to the main menu.
  • Added images of the number of bullets, rockets, barrels the player has.
  • Added color scheme for the player's life bar.

Screenshot 2022 02 08 032141


  • Improved the system of respawning enemies, now it is more optimal and more productive.
  • Paused between enemy respawns.
  • The logic of saving/loading data has been rewritten, now they work better, more clearly and in one file.
  • Rewritten/optimized the main functions of the interaction of game elements invisible to the player.
  • Planes collisions have been updated to be smaller and clearer, making them harder to hit.

Screenshot 2022 02 08 032426

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