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The gamer finds himself stationed behind the awesome firepower of a 40mm Anti-Aircraft fixed deck gun on the bow of a battleship reminiscent. Your mission is to blast away at the endless onslaught of enemy attackers hell bent on sinking your battleship.

Key Features:

  • Environment generation.
  • Arsenal includes 40mm AA cannons and RIM-7 missiles.
  • Progressively difficult levels with more enemies and higher aggression.
  • Different enemy planes: Attack aircraft, Fighter aircraft, Torpedo bomber and Bomber.
  • Perks to upgrade your ship and cannon.

In development:

  • Localization;
  • Destruction (for aircraft, for water collision response);
  • Tutorial-level (for basic learning of the game);

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🛬 Don't miss the chance to be among the first to play – grab your copy today! AirBorneSea – Steam Store Page

The build has been approved by the Valve support team, and we are press the "Release" button at the scheduled time on August 4th.

But that doesn't mean we're just going to release the game and forget about it. Our development plans include:

  • Reducing the number of bugs (we hope for your feedback).
  • Adding Linux and possibly a Mac version of the game (we don't foresee any problems with the Linux version).
  • Improving the sound quality (currently using free commercial sound from the Internet; sound designers' assistance is welcome).
  • Finalizing hardcore mode (almost ready, but we're not sure if it works well).
  • Improving the quality of the graphics (the game already looks good, but there are issues with water collisions and destroyed planes. We believe it's better to make the planes destructible and break apart than to have just one effect of falling into the water).



What has been improved since the last update:

  • Added destructibility to planes.
  • Implemented random environment generation.
  • Fixed a problem with the camera (previously, if you rotated a lot, the player's camera could lean to the side).
  • Optimized aircraft performance (removed unnecessary code, utilized OOP, etc.).
  • Audio settings are now properly saved (apologies for the inconvenience caused earlier).
  • Added info about planes in the popup menu (use mm_changeplane in console to look at another plane).
  • Added effects on the destroyed parts of the aircraft.
  • Implemented control settings, such as sensitivity and inversion.
  • Created a table for the player's ammo, allowing us to configure each level more flexibly.
  • Added translations into many languages (thanks to our friends, their names will be featured in the Credits).
  • Integrated color correction, although we're still working on finding the best way to use it effectively.


We appreciate all your support, including chatting with us and adding the game to your wishlist. Your encouragement keeps us going and motivated! <3

Steam Page and new DevLog!

Steam Page and new DevLog!


Finally, the game has its own page on Steam. A trailer for the game will be added soon. Add to wishlish and follow to support us! I also publish a small...

Skills Tree

Skills Tree


Over the past 3 months, a bunch of innovations have been made, but first things first.

Biggest update b36

Biggest update b36


Too much work for 2 months. Splines, meshes, VFX, Photo-mode and other...

New plane, Loading Screen, HP Anim

New plane, Loading Screen, HP Anim


Not a lot of time this week managed to allocate to the project, but:

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