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Post news RSS Devlog #5 - Early watering mechanics

In this post, you will see the early implementation of the watering mechanics of our game.

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This week we will show you the newly implemented watering mechanics, everything you see here is part of the prototype and is developed using only shapes for the time being (the final game wont be like this).

Here we can see the timer for when the plant is growing!
The numbers on screen are only for debugging purposes for the time being, these mechanics need to be tested before we can work on the UI.


After watering the plant, it will begin counting until it reaches its maximum value, and enters the next stage.

When harvesting the plant, the variable that holds the number of grapes the player has, will increase, and the plant will reset its cycle.


In order to water the plant, you will need to refill your water container, we are currently planning on having a small lake for the refilling, but this might change in the future.


Currently, the maximum the container can hold is 3 charges, this of course, may change in the future.


These mechanics are still very early in developed and are being tested, so they will most likely be changed refined in the future, so stay tuned for what will come next!

Thank you for your time!

Bino Studios

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