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A little update from the mechanic we have been working.

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Hey guys , hope you're all safe!!!

We wanted to give you guys a little update about the mechanic of the game:

Last week we told that our mechanic was about light, yet we didn't explain it. It's pretty simple (or not).

The core of it, is to use a camera to record a platform and then play that same recording to place a copy of that platform to solve puzzles and progress through out the level.

There are restrictions of course :

  • The obvious one , you can only copy the platform that has a visual indication, we will make this part easy to understand once we have art implemented.
  • The player can't have 2 of the same copies ,which means once we place a copy again the last one placed by the player will disappear.

It's a short update we know, but expect from us more next week.

Have nice weekend, stay safe, and thanks for reading if you made it here.

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