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Chama has more to offer than you think! We are working on new level that will challenge the player and also complement it with a veridic story.

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DevLog #3 - Level 2 Concept

Chama has more to offer than you think! We are working on new level that will challenge the player and also complement it with a veridic story.

The beginning!

Hi everyone! Today we will talk about the level 2 and what's behind it. After exploring and taking notes during our research in the village of Mação. We’ve managed to have a chat with the locals and got some interesting stories from our conversations. With this we’ve decided to implement a few of them into our game, and thus the concept of level 2 was made.

Our goal is to make every single level based on true stories so that we can raise awareness about fires to our players.

What mechanics are implemented on this level?

In this level the character can run, he can also interact with a well that allows him to fill his bucket with water. This gives the ability to water the plants existing on his farmland. But why would you need to water it? Simple, the player must do this in order to avoid the fire to spread across the land. Not only this but also to create a path in which he must connect his barn to the entrance. Thus finishing the level and saving the character’s child that was stuck in the barn.


We wanted to make this puzzle challenging for the player. It may lead to some frustration however we wanted to show how hard it is to make real life decisions, in which you can’t just fight a fire by your own. In this case you want to safely reach your son and save him from the flames.

Level2 pic


Has mentioned before this level is based on a real life incident. This reveals the story about one of those tragic incidents. The owner of the land had to rush onto a bucket near his well and swiftly and water his backyard. This did not stop the fire but it prevented it’s sparks from spreading it quickly. With this in mind we developed our similar version into a more interactive, possible and appealing way. The player has to water the herbs creating a pathway in which he must connect to the barn in order to save his son. While the player is running around placing water the yard starts to burn blocking his path, making this a race against time.

Here the video of the cutscene!

That's all we've got to show you this week, we hope you liked it! Thank you for reading out our article and we hope to see you here again next week for more new about our development!


Great progress! We're excited to see more gameplay, looks intense... nice job!

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LuisOliveira Author

Thank you! We really appreciated! We will show you more soon!

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It's getting me Animal Crossing vibes

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LuisOliveira Author

Oh! Thank you! :D

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Great development progress! It can be seen that they have improved a lot

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LuisOliveira Author

Thank you SpookyCookie! :)

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