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bedbed is a gamemaking duo by Carlos and Inês. Our goal is simple: make cozy and cute games. Also sleep.

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Hey! Another week another post...

We are **finally** starting to get out the concept phase and getting to work on the game itself. So, first of all, let's introduce the game.

Nur: A voxel game about exploring tiny islands with big problems.

Here's our beautiful (concept) logo:


So what is it exactly? Nur is a isometric action adventure game that mixes platforming and puzzle elements together. The game will be divided into tiny islands, each one with a unique story!

The objective of the game is to explore all of them, fix your home island and help anyone you can on the way. In some places you'll need to defend yourself with your trusty fishing rod and in others, you'll need to use your tiny brain to figure out how to advance.

Oh did I not mention? The game is pumped with physics! We want the game to feel alive and and juicy!

Here's our first physics tests.

So what did we do this week? Basically LOTS of boring stuff, here's some highlights:

Besides working on the player movement and physics stuff we also

Implemented a dialogue system


Started work on combat


Made some concepts for the player

concept twitter

We'll be developing this game until July, so not a lot of time, don't expect this game to be the most amazing thing ever. Our objective is to create a tiny polished experience that is fun to play.

Until next time!


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