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Development blog #2 explaining current progress and what to expect in future updates!

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Hello there! This is a quick update on my progress to date from the last development blog. I am making steady progress considering I am doing this on my own! :)

Inventory Progress

I have primarily been focusing on getting the inventory working properly and i have began programming the trading aspects. I am happy to tell you that the inventory is completely finished! It works perfectly on multiplayer; and windows can be dragged around and items can be stacked, used and equipped as they should.

Screenshot 2016 06 09 19 17 05

This picture shows the inventory and character screen

Along with the inventory, a player can equip weapons and armour properly, and I have also implemented random loot drops, which uses % chance on drop (this will be used for loot crates). A player can drop all of their items when they die and then these can be looted by other players.

20160604 213811 1

A placeholder skeleton showing random loot drop container

A few of the items are placeholders. All the coding works I just need to change their models for food types such as meat and so on.

Game mechanics

I have had a few questions on the game mechanics and would love to hear more of your questions and comments.

To clarify, a player who joins an alliance and creates a player guild (requires x number of players) can then build guild buildings within the alliance territory (walls, towers, trading outposts, housing, blacksmith and so on ). Guilds will have hierarchy and depending on their rank, guild members will have responsibilities. This approach encourages guild members to stay and work together. This then results in a more coordinated approach. Therefore, if a guild player decides to build a house away from their comrades this means that they will then become prime target from attacking foes.

Next on the to do list

Next on my to do list is to sort out player interactions (currently a player looks at another player, presses use and an action menu appears). The action menu needs to be fully implemented to allow trading, clan/guild invite and others.

Once I have set up player trading I will be finishing off resource gathering, currently a player can retrieve wood from hitting a tree, there will be numerous types of resources that will be implemented before the next update. I will then start working on player crafting. Hopefully this will also be completed by the time I post my next blog, which means I will then begin work on structure building.

I will release another update as soon as I can, but in the mean time follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Below is a few process screenshot and videos, enjoy!

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