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This update focuses on content, with two mighty new creatures and several new weapons. You can now rename your colonists after friends or celebs (or your most hated and watch them eaten by demons)

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New Creatures

Two mighty new demons have been added to the game, beware as these sometimes roam the world and you might find yourself facing them when searching for resources, or while defending your colony.

Demon KnightDemon Knight

These old fashioned demons are to be feared for their strength and battle experience. Beware when you encounter these, they're not as easily dispatched as lesser demons and their mighty axe can do plenty of damage.


Although this demon's charms make them especially dangerous for male humans, their claws and speed are not to be underestimated by any of the sexes.

Demon & Succubus Defense

Demon & Succubus On Mission

Demon & Succubus on map

New Weapons


Originally used by Japanese Samurai, in modern time was more commonly seen as decorations and showing one's wealth. Luckily they're still quite effective in slicing demon flesh.

Desert EagleDesert Eagle

The desert eagle was widespread before the skies turned red, and is now much harder to find or make. But getting one is sure worth the effort. Although not the easiest weapon to handle, this baby can put quite a dent into demonic hides.


Powerful and easy to wield, the Jericho is a well balanced handgun useful in many scenarios.

Sniper RifleSniper Rifle

Now you can take out those nasty demons before they can even see you, but beware, the smaller, more agile creatures can sneak up on you and tear you apart. Guard your snipers well.

World Map Icons

We made some small changes to the world map icons so they feel more natural and the more important icons such as time sensitive rescue missions, your colony and hellgates are much easier to notice.

New Map Icons

Renaming Colonists

You can now rename your colonists and play as your family, friends or pets. Beware though, not all of them will survive the apocalypse.


pawsiem - - 4 comments

Wow, You have pretty good graphic in word-map and equip menu. For me, the game-play has no shadows. I know, it isn't main feature to do, but shadows should add some climate.
Fingers crossed:)

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tomerbarkan Author
tomerbarkan - - 24 comments

Our art director agrees with you on this :)
Thanks for the feedback.

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Omegakill - - 367 comments

Planing on doing more with weapons rather than generic "types" such as "assault rifle" "sniper rifle" etc?

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tomerbarkan Author
tomerbarkan - - 24 comments

Yes, we have plenty of plans. We plan different damage types, and giving weapons more "character" so that shotgun for example will have area damage in a cone in front of the attacker. Also weapons based on the occult are planned.

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