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Very first devlog! The game is in concept and prototype phase. In this log I go over a rough pseudo gameplay on a white board, show the making of the concept art, and show the first building blocks programmed in Unity with placeholder graphics and a hint of humor.

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A tower defense mixed with real-time strategy where you repel attacking sentient AI robots until they give up.

Pseudo Gameplay

You'll have an object to defend just like most other tower defense games and there will be a secondary objects to defend, landing zones. If you lose a landing zone, you won't necessarily lose the game, but they're important because they give you $upplies! $upplies will be used to purchase defenses, units, upgrades, repairs, and call in off map strikes such as air strike, artillery strike, and tactical nukes.

Concept Art

The concept art for now is just a temporary placeholder until I have finished game assets to make CGI key art.

First Building Blocks

For units; I've programmed the slope for terrain, waypoints, and path finding to avoid blocks. For the camera; I've programmed the movement, rotation, and zoom. And for the user interface; I've programmed buttons, placement objects, and placing those placement objects into the game world.

Snapshot   1Snapshot   2

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