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Believing she found her prince charming , Maia is trapped into the control of an abusive and aggressive man named Shadow. As she confronts many of the domestic violence consequences, Maia has to solve puzzles and avoid shadows. The problem is that the only way she can do it is using her enchanted umbrella, a gift from Shadow himself. Meet Maia's story and hopefully, guide her away from Shadow.

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We, form Perpétuos Games, are happy to announce Maia's Demo is now available!

You can download the demo here: Indiedb.com


Maia: Unhappily Ever After uses metaphorical tools to communicate about an important social issue through a video-game. While you solve puzzles using dynamic mechanics, you'll witness and learn about several kinds of abuse and how a relationship should not be.

Maia's narrative goal is to talk about the many phases of an abusive relationship. Each level will represent a evolution of Maia's partner psychological and physical violence. It will focus on how Maia's mindset is manipulated through the phases and how she is gradually catch oh his trap. That being explained, you will discover how she got her freedom and the consequences the follows the domestic violence.

The demo that is now available to play tells a part of that story, when she realizes that she needs to get out of his dangerous world. All levels were based on domestic violence victims reports, researches and statistics made by APAV ( Associação Portuguesa de Apoio a Vítima ) and WHO ( World Health Organization ).

Awareness on the topic of domestic violence: it is based on true facts of reports about domestic violence. The story of Maia is going to show the stages of a abusive relationship through the gameplay.

Dynamic puzzles: advance in the narrative solving puzzles that represents the abuses that Maia is going through. The game gradually gets more difficult puzzles and more danger places according to the advance of the relationship.

Metaphors in the form of mechanics: the game has simple mechanics that are metaphorical references for the issues of domestic violence.

We hope you enjoy playing Maia: Unhappily Ever After.

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