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We go over what went on in the project over the month of November.

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The holiday season is upon us, so things have slowed down a little so that everyone can spend time with friends and family, that doesn't mean we're at a complete stop though! Remember, we doubled our team size last month! We now have 8 developers working on the project, it was a bit of work getting everyone squared away but we're on track!

If you haven't seen our Top 100 Promo Video you missed out! Watch it now or later. But don't forget to vote please! :)

Without further ado, let's do this!

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Random Stats

Steam Wishlists : 140 (no data from last month)

197 tasks completed (vs 231 tasks last month, down 34 tasks since last month)

662 hours worked (vs 335 hours last month, up 327 hours since last month)

(Less tasks but almost double the time, we will need to investigate this)

Discord Members: 40 (up 20 from last month)

NGJ Twitter Follows: 77 (Up from 18 last month)

Burgos Games Twitter Follows: 23 follows (no data from last month)

NGJ Facebook Follows: 31 (up 5 from last month)

Burgos Games Facebook Follows: 2 (no data from last month)

NGJ Instagram Follows: 6 (no data from last month)

Burgos Games Instagram Follows: 32 (no data from last month)

Weekly Summaries For November

Week 1

  • Reworked a lot of the audio with the new sound fx designer.
  • Fixed some big issues with the tutorial boss.
  • Created a new experience for players using a controller


  • Jungle parallax background was completed


  • Jungle Showroom was created showcasing all that will be in the Jungle biome


  • Jungle post processing created

JungleWithNekoman 1

  • Bunch of documentation on level design written up
  • Created rock block for jungle
  • Implemented Casual Mode (so players don't need to worry about unlocking boss level if they don't want to speedrun)
  • Fixed up a few issues with Tutorial/Grasslands biome

Week 2

  • Showcased the game at dreamhack: Postmortem
  • Created our Steam Page
  • Recreated the Intro music
  • Retextured Nekoworld


  • Worked on Jungle levels

Week 3

  • Created a boss intro solution for all bosses
  • Switched over leaderboards to Playfab
  • Created sound FX and music for Jungle biome
  • Create gameplay asset logic for Jungle: Banana and Coconut tree


  • Completed the Jungle biome levels
  • Playtested the game and new jungle levels

Week 4

  • Bunch of bug fixes that were found in playtests
  • Created Tuxedo Cat skin


  • Started work on setting up localization in the game
  • Started streaming game development on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube
  • Performance evaluation of the game report created
  • User Interface/UX evaluation of the game report created
  • Optimized all textures in use

The future

We'll be working on performance optimizations (CPU/GPU) and refactoring code (to make it cleaner/clearer) very soon in preparation for Console development. We've received Xbox One Devkits and are very excited to start work on it. We also have the PS4 Devkit.

More localization of languages will happen as well.

We'll be updating the demo with all the new things very soon.

If you enjoyed this, please download the demo, vote for your game!

Vote here!

Neko Ghost Jump Demo V0.5.0

And wishlist us on Steam!

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