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Come meet the Rhinoturtle. A slow lumbering high armored tank that will leave you alone unless you piss it off.

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RhinoTurtle entity 000 Walking 0The Rhinoturtle has the head of a rhino and the body of a turtle. Business in the front defense in the back. With that huge shell you can imagine it has a high armor but walks around pretty slow. Don't let that fool you though, if you piss it off it can charge. Then it is hard to take it down, so it can spell disaster. Rhinoturtles also really really hate vehicles, so if you want to damage your car, just drive it up near one of these bad boys and find out how much damage it can take. Overall this creature isn't dangerous as long as you leave it alone, so steer clear of them and everything will be alright.

DarkBloodbane - - 76 comments

Looks good, too bad you didn't show when the beast is angry

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