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New update adding Gallow and a few of his animations in, New Music and SFX, and a Battle Chest. Next update focusing on updating all features to be more awesome for PC and mobile.

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Dev Update 8 Video

Dev Update 8 Notes

I want to first say – this update includes a lot less core features as I spent more time directing for a new VFX artist joining us (very exciting) and our composer to get us awesome SFX (super awesome stuff). And the previous builds have been very feature heavy which has been stacking up some core bugs I spent a few days fixing in the early days of this build cycle.

Gallow idle and head tracking animations

Gallow finally has been added into the game, although it’s just his idle animation, he does have head tracking so wherever Teo runs, Gallow keeps an eye on him.


Both the Town music track and Battle music tracks have been remastered and sound amazing.

Sound Effects

New sound effects have been added across the game, filling out Town and Dreamland, with a start into Battle.

Battle Chest

When you kill bosses, a new loot chest now appears on the battlefield. You have to break it open with attacks to spawn loot!

Gallow Idle

Feedback and Upcoming Goals!

Big announcement here, I’m officially announcing our priority platform as PC and the switch to a premium (single purchase) model as well from F2P full unlock model.

PC being our priority platform has been making sense for awhile now, all the fans we’ve gathered seem to be more PC players and I myself am one. So this next update is focused on making some of our remaining mobile-like features more PC friendly and awesome in general.

  • Teo in Town and Dreamland
    • Currently Teo does not appear in Town at all, and you simply click to choose the area to go with no character interaction. So this is going to be changed to help with immersion.
    • This may be as simple as choosing where to go and you watch Teo follow along, similar to Battle controls to choosing the standpoints to run to.
  • Victory Screen
    • As is, this shows 3 stars, with stars only reduced for lives lost in the battle.
    • We’ll be updating this to instead be similar to the Grade system you see in other games like Devil May Cry (S, A, B, C etc).
    • This will also include a better way of rating your skills such as faster kills, less damage and deaths will grant you a higher grade for a larger amount of coins (and possibly more loot but that may be later)
    • Loot – I will also add all of the loot gathered into a list on the Victory screen so you know what you’ve collected.
  • Dreamland Harvesting
    • This was planned for the previous update, but I was not able to design a system I liked enough in time for implementation – I am also adding this last on the list in case it needs to be pushed back once more for other implementations like new boss animations and VFX.
    • Currently I’m leaning on more of a management type system, possibly using Lamgi’s (Little plant monsters seen around town) as your harvesters.

Keep Up to Date

If you want to see more constant updates, check out our other social media platforms as well!

Check out more on our site and subscribe for bi-monthly updates: Boundbyblades.com

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A lot more art is posted on our Twitter: Twitter.com

And last, we have Instagram showcasing art as well: Instagram.com

And last – Some Art to tease our second boss Skullako

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