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This week's blog is a double blog! In this double blog we are featuring the new Atreides Outpost, Sand Trap's new finished look and the annoucement of our mod being renamed!

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Hello and welcome to this week's blog, today we've got some big news and some cool content!

Ateides Outpost

LR01 has been very busy on the Atreides Outpost interior, it is coming along very nicely with three floors and none underground, I can't wait to see it fully finished!

Atreides Outpost InteriorAtreides Outpost Interior
Atreides Outpost InteriorAtreides Outpost Interior

Sand Trap

Sand Trap's terrain is pretty much finished (apart from the stuff beyond the blockers), the textures aren't 100% final but are more there to give you an idea of the end product!

Take a look.


The War of Assassins

The name of a mod says a lot about it, what type of game it is, where it is set and what it is about. For sometime now just "Battle for Dune" felt like it had something missing, like it was just E:BFD but without the E:.

So after much time and thought about weather we wanted this or not and how things would go after. No one can see the future and so we have chosen to alter the mod's name.

So our new name will be, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins. We felt that this name is good and still very in keeping with what we are doing and what we want to get across. For those of you who don't know, the War of Assassins is the war fought for control of Arrakis and Spice flow by the Guild.


Battle for Dune is still looking for Texture Artists and Infantry Modellers! So if you like what you see and want to help out, then please pm me here on moddb or come to our forums at www.battlefordune.co.uk , register and show us some of your recent work.

Another blog gone and we are still going strong, be sure to check out forums at www.battlefordune.co.uk

feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Nice. IMHO "Dune: War of Assassins" would be nicer. "Battle for Dune" feels too familiar (to Emperor: Battle for Dune).

As in C&C: Renegade there's only Renegade, and "C&C", not "C&C Tiberium Renegade" or "C&C Tiberian Renegade".
Here could be only "Dune" and your new fresh subtitle, i.e. "War of Assassins". :-)

But it's only a suggestion. ;-) GL anyway!

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rs4015 - - 6 comments

sweet new blog

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