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Welcome to the 81st installment to the Battle for Dune blogs! This time we have some shots of the Atreides Repair Vehicle and much more!

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Hello and welcome to yet another blog, lets get on with it!

Repair Vehicle

There was one last Vehicle that needed doing, and here it is, modelled up by LR01, the Atreides Repair Vehicle.

The Atreides Repair Vehicle is the House's only means to repair it's vehicles, so keeping your War Factory alive is a bit more important. Having these units on the field opens up for a lot of new tactics!

Here are some WIP shots.

Atriedes Repair VehicleAtriedes Repair Vehicle
Atriedes Repair Vehicle

Harkonnen Windtrap

LR01 has also been busy with our Harkonnen Windtrap. He has started doing the internals in greater detail, starting with the basement.

Harkonnen Windtrap Intiriror

Sand Trap

I have been working on Sand Trap once again, this time the Atreides base area. I have changed it a fair bit from the old version, I hope you think so too.

Here it is.




Let's it for another BFD blog, come give us a visit at www.battlefordune.co.uk

dill1233 - - 94 comments

Good job on the repair vehicle, and I see why you think Harkonnen Windtrap and Sandtrap needed some work. By the way, with Sandtrap, you should make a way for the cliff rocks (or whatever they are) to mesh with the terrain better with a better slope and keeping the texture the same possibly. Either way, nice job on making this game a good one.

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TeamWolf Author
TeamWolf - - 449 comments

The textures will blend in and I will go over the main mesh at the end don't worry, but thank you for the comments and feedback.

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Silverfisk - - 1,080 comments

That repair vehicle is looking hot.

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feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Nice... but we'd see textures (afaik), though.

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cnc95fan - - 527 comments

We don't have any texture artists so we're extending our own skills as far as we can :(

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