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Welcome to the 62nd installment in the Battle for Dune blogs! Be sure to check out the rest of our blogs and more at www.battlefordune.co.uk!

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Welcome to blog 62! Its been another good busy week, so lets see what we've been up to?

Harkonnen Assault Tank
Venom775 has finished texturing the Harkonnen Assault Tank and I think he has done a damn good job of it!

He's also made us a load of camo textures for it as well and they look great!

User Posted Image

Ordos Construction Yard
LR01 has moved onto the Ordos Con Yard for texturing now and i think its coming along nicely.

Here a few shots from the outside.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Fremen Scope
gtp0rong has been busy making our Fremen scope and i think the end result is very good.

Now there are only two snipers in BFD and they are the Atreides sniper and the Fremen Warrior.

User Posted Image

Atreides Minotaurus
LR01 has finished up the Atreides Minotaurus and slapped on a temp texture on it.

Heres a few shots!

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Team Notices
I have been getting back into Call of Duty 4 once again and loving every moment of it!

cnc95fan is around and finding some of the 2003 team members!

LR01 is very busy with school but still finds time to work on the mod.

Fluffy-Opossum is very busy with exams and even wrote up a 20 page plan for them!

That's it for another Battle for Dune blog, be sure to vote for us!

VagabondPraetor - - 158 comments

Once again, I like the Assault tank.

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Coming along guys. It would be good to see you add a lot of your own ideas and content to the mod. Making it more of a "Dune - The Return of Mor'deeb..." keep em coming guys...

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Lucífer - - 3,393 comments

Looking Good. :>

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,120 comments

I like the assault tank, it looks great you guys!

On another hand, we all know that Emperor Battle for Dune had extremly blocky graphics due to engine limitations. So about the Minotaurus, please make it less blocky, you don't have to stick 100% to the original concepts. That's my opinion.

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TeamWolf Author
TeamWolf - - 449 comments

Vehicles are most likely subject to change down the line. But for now we are happy with them.

As for the "Return of Maud'dib" We'll see ;)

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BigCheese256 - - 2,241 comments

Isn't the harkonnen tank on Dune double-barreled?

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cnc95fan - - 527 comments

nope 0o

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