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Have been playing games since Space Invaders was released in Australia, learnt how to program snow in the old sulfur screens at school, played with Commordore 64, bought my first Amiga 500, taught myself DPaint 4 and taught some others as well, was International Graphics Manager for a multimedia, internal broadcast company in the early 90s using Amiga 4000s with 2 gig HDs and 128meg of RAM (Wow, killer machines at the time) Learnt Lightwave 2.1 and used DPaint for the .iff textures, taught myself the PC as it slowly became the dominate machines on the planet. Have been doing 3D modeling, graphics, animation, website design/layout and maintance, design team management for the greater part of my adult life and am a self taught carpenter building all of my furniture for my room and the house including renovating half of the house as well. I enjoy using my semi high end PC with dual screen for doing my graphics, all sorts of sci-fi movies and series. Plenty of other stuff...

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