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Post news RSS Battle Splash Dev Update #014 - Work-in-Progress Citadel Map

Work-in-Progress development of a new multiplayer map with the theme of Medieval-style Citadels.

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Hello, gamers and readers of IndieDB. It's great to see you guys here again since the in-game preview of our game. And now, here's the latest update of third-person water shooter - Battle Splash.

After weeks of focusing on animation works, we decided to return to the main development activity of our game: Create new contents. This time, we are making a new multiplayer map with the theme of Medieval Citadels. We are fascinated with the idea of putting the girls in the citadels and let them attack/defend their places with water weapons. It will be a total new experience when enjoying the fun of water fights in an ancient scenery with old-style houses and buildings. Take a look!

Battle Splash Medieval Citadel 2

Battle Splash Medieval Citadel 3

Battle Splash Medieval Citadel 4

Here's an interesting fact: The workload when creating this map has been considerably reduced due to the implementation of our new tool. It's a self-made procedural generating tool with simple algorithms so that it can automatically set the trees and grass in a large area. More info of this tool are mentioned in our 11th DevLog (Indiedb.com)

Battle Splash Medieval Citadel W 1

Battle Splash Medieval Citadel W 2

Battle Splash Medieval Citadel W

Stay tuned for more info in this page as well as our social media with the links below.

Steam Concept: Steamcommunity.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
IndieDB: Indiedb.com
Email: battlesplash@dranyastudio.com / gaminghanu@gmail.com

Thank you for reading our dev update and we wish you have a nice weekend! :D

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