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Hello Guys! In this article, we will show a some of the level design that we allready have...

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Hello once more, everyone! You can see parts of our level blockout process here. This level's concept is a city floating over a valley.

In the early phases, we had a city that had been split in two, and our player's goal was to repair it.

Screenshot 4

The city will feature several locations, such as a coffee shop, where we may speak with an NPC.

Screenshot 5

A clock tower near the cargo area besides the port.

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

We'll begin the level in the train station, from where we can see the entire city.

Screenshot 8

The temple will be one of the city's key attractions, as well as the town center, which has a river running through it.

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10

You can also chat with the team and interact on our discord server at discord.gg

Thank you, and hope you enjoy!

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