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We showcase our protagonist's safe haven, her mother's room. She would stay here forever, if she could, surrounded by memories of happier times.

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A week has gone by, and we've been hard at work, striving to continue to make our vision for the Servant's Room come to life. This room is a very special place for Aelizia. It's filled with memories of happier times: the brightness of her mother's loving smile, the warm safety of her embrace. As the remaining piece of her mother's protection, this room is a safe cocoon, meant to represent Aelizia's childhood and innocence. This is conveyed by the use of warm tones all around her, as if her mother is still present somehow. Soon, everything will change. Danger lurks around the corner, but, in here, for a little while longer, she feels safe, surrounded by her mother's love.


As we've mentioned before, as a servant's room, it is meant to be very simple, with very few comforts, to better represent the poor and hard life of a servant. However, we didn't want the room to feel too bare, just enough to convey the idea that there was something missing, or rather, someone. Aelizia's mother.

Since this is the start of our environment style definition, we treaded carefully, researching, testing and updating assets, textures and lighting every step of the way until we reached a faithful representation of what we had initially envisioned. Some things might still change down the road, as is normal in gamedev (we'll probably add more clothes on the floor, to give it a more "suddenly abandoned" feel), but, for now, we've reached a place where we're satisfied with what we achieved:

After this artistic interlude, we'll delve into one of our game mechanics, Aelizia's Light ability, where she uses a light ray to stun the guards that stand in her way to freedom.

Stay tuned for more Eclipsed news!
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