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In which a tomb gains a corpse; said corpse is given a crown; some level-logic is implemented for interactions connected to that crown; a new collectible is added; a rock-cleft is near-finished; certain interior elements are polished a bit; the extents of a level-exterior are worked on; exits are updated; and more publisher-pitching is done.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshot shows the corpse of a king, entombed and preserved, to be found in level eight:

Screenshot from 2021 04 17 12 59

The week just past once again focussed on level-building, with just a few other things done besides:

As shown above, the tomb found in level eight now has an "occupant": in the week just past I modelled and emplaced the body of the king whose tomb it is.

This modelling wasn't done from scratch, however--indeed, it makes use of a number of previously-made elements: The base model was that of the adventurer-enemy, edited, posed and then modified further; parts of the textures likewise are modified from that adventurer; and the robe uses in part a previously-made "cloth" normal-map.

Screenshot from 2021 04 17 12 58

Screenshot from 2021 04 17 13 01

With the king done, I moved on to an accessory found with them: a dark half-crown, balanced on the forehead of the corpse. This model isn't yet quite done, but is largely so, I think.

Why is this modelled separately? Because it's an item that can be taken.

However, in the week just past I also began implementing some logic that is run upon taking and returning said crown, and with engaging a certain trigger while carrying it... ;)

(And on a related note, I've added one new entry into the list of collectibles. ;) )

The tombs themselves saw some updates in the week just past, too. Perhaps most notably, I worked further on the cleft that joins the two interiors--it's largely done now, I think, barring one or two minor issues. Less-notably, I also made a minor update to the UV-maps of the "ribs" on the ceilings, hopefully rendering them a little less uniform.

Screenshot from 2021 04 19 09 47

Screenshot from 2021 04 19 09 49

Screenshot from 2021 04 19 09 48

Moving to the exterior of the level, I did some work on its distant extremities. At one end the gorge now narrows greatly, almost closing; at the other, it narrows only a little, and a hill is just visible beyond its gap.

Screenshot from 2021 04 08 14 51

I also updated the exits that bound the playable part of this exterior: I made them initially "locked", and gave the one that leads in the wrong direction a separate text-ID so that it can provide a different response to the other.

And finally, in the week just past I enacted the last of my second wave of publisher-pitching! All pitches should be out now, I think; all that's left, I believe, is to wait... o_o

That, then, is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^


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