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Post news RSS 8 rare & powerful cards you should look out for in Rise of Humanity

Become a Master of Decks, find out more about these lesser known cards in our game that can turn into mighty weapons in your hand!

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Our game has a wide selection of cards that adds up to 119 in total. Each hero has their own character-specific ones only they can use, and there is around 25 that all of them can get their hands on. You can gather cards by slaying Crushers and looting toolboxes and we advise you to do so: not only will your heroes gain more skills and ways to attack robots but looting more cards will also get you a higher score on our Daily Challenge leaderboards and achievements on Steam. For those who wish to become the Master of Decks, here are some lesser known cards that can turn into mighty weapons in your hand!

1. The Big One

True to its name, the Big One is a card with a massive impact. It can deal twelve damage in total to your enemies. This damage is equally split among enemies (rounded up) in an area of three hexes. Still not convinced? Su can attack enemies from a great distance with it, up to eight hexes away!

2. Release Energy

Though it comes at a high price (five energy points), Release Energy is definitely one of the most efficient tools Memory can use to destroy enemy robots. It will damage all enemies within a range of your energy by the amount of energy minus zero. It will also deplete all your energy. Use it wisely though, because it can only be played once per mission.

3. Immobilizing Shock

The perfect weapon for an enemy in a two-hex range – with this card, Memory can deal damage while making sure the robot does not get close enough to harm her in its turn.

4. Assembly Line

This powerful little card is a one shot – you can only play it once in a mission and it won’t be reshuffled in your deck after using it. It can be very useful to Su as it returns all cards that create deployables in her discard pile and played cards pile to her hand. Get ready to meet all of Su’s little friends again!

5. Shut Down

This one is a general card and can be used by all of your heroes. It’s also one of the most powerful of them all, as it destroys the enemy you target with in case it has a health level of less than eight. Expensive (costs three energy) but definitely worth its price.

6. Whirl Stomp

This attack is immensely efficient in liquidating enemies that stand around Su. Save it for a moment when she’s completely surrounded by deadly machines and you’ll be able to deal two damage to all adjacent robots! Watch out for your heroes though, as it will also affect them.

7. Energy Overload

Our skilful hacker, Memory has a great deal of tricks up her sleeve, and Energy Overload is definitely one of the most effective ones. Use this card when standing next to one or preferably more enemies but none of your heroes, as it will deal damage to everyone on an adjacent hex around Memory. If played, it deals 1 damage to all surrounding machines and allies, but when discarded, it will cost two health points to every character around you. You can discard it by switching it to a melee/movement card with the skill buttons or you can use a Network Reboot or a Plan Ahead card to do so. On some lucky occasions, a dazzle attack from a Crusher or Drone will also do the trick.

8. Load Up

Another one of Su’s powerful cards that will reduce the cost of all her cards in the next turn by one. Can come in handy when you’re fighting a herd of nasty robots but be careful, it will only work if this is the only card you’ve played in that turn. It also won’t work on cards with zero cost, so you won’t be seeing any bargains with -1 energy cost cards in your hand.

Which card seems the most powerful to you? Let us know in the comments :)

If you feel like testing your card expertise right away, click HERE to play the game!

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