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Post news RSS 8 card combos you should try in Rise of Humanity to unleash your powers!

A true deck master knows how to get the most out of the wide selection of cards in Rise of Humanity by combining them to make them even more powerful. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll defeat the deadly hordes of enemies come hell or high water!

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1. Enrage + Punch

Hell hath no fury like our Hunter scorned – or Enraged, in our case. Play this card to enhance all your melee attacks for a turn, like your Ice Axe or Turbo Jabs. It will also affect your Punch card that will now deal two damage points for zero cost – sounds like a bargain to us!

Make your punches more powerful with Hunter's Enrage card

2. Load Up + Shut Down

Su has a wide range of useful toys and weapons that she can turn to in the heat of a battle. With the Load Up card you can access all of them for a reduced cost in your next turn. Just be careful not to get slayed by some nasty robots until then! The most efficient combination card you can use here is the Shut Down, because it will destroy any enemy with less than eight health.

Play Load Up with Su, wait for the next turn and destroy nasty robots with the mighty Shut Down card

3. Encore + Energy Overload

Once you learn most of the tricks you can do with the cards in the game, you will also become a master of discarding cards. Some cards, like Memory’s Energy Overload, have hidden powers and work more efficiently if you get rid of them using a Plan Ahead, System Reload or one of the skill buttons. Try standing between a bunch of enemy machines and discarding an Energy Overload card, and then double the impact by playing an Encore and blowing all those menacing robots up one more time!

Two Energy Overload cards are certainly better than one

4. Time Bomb + Snare Trap

Another one of Su's crafty inventions, the Time Bomb gives you an impressive tool to blow up some Crushers, Puppies or Drones with. Once you've deployed it, make sure to immobilize all those vicious robots around it with Hunter's Snare Trap so they can't escape the explosion. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait…

Keep enemies by the Time Bomb until it blows up - use Hunter's Snare Trap card!

5. Movement Disfunction + Deploy Claymore

Once you find yourself in the Lumber Mill, you learn that despite their initial banter, Hunter and Memory work great in a team. The latter being a master of control and hacking robots, you can make great use of her skills by combining them with Hunter's explosives. Try deploying a claymore when both your heroes are near one of the enemies. If you play the Movement Disfunction card with Memory, you will make that mechanical menace walk right into its death.

Deploy Claymore with Hunter and then...

...Memory can finish the job with Movement Disfunction.

6. Punch + Leech with Puppy

Alex has some crafty skills when it comes to dealing with evil machinery. They can remove the debuff effects from the enemy with their Purge Spray, which can save your heroes from suffering some damage points. If you have no Purge Spray cards however, you can still use the Punch + Leech combo: the first one will damage the puppy and remove its debuff, while the second one will heal you for the damage that got reflected on you by its Strike Back card.

Su's Pit Stop will enhance the healing powers of Alex's beacon...

7. Deploy Health Beacon + Pit Stop + Relocate Beacon

A Health Beacon that keeps providing cure for your damaged heroes for numerous turns and in several locations? You can make it possible by having Su and Alex cooperate. Use a Pit Stop card of our crafty engineer to enhance the healing powers of the beacon, then have Alex or Su move it where it is needed with the Relocate or Relocate Beacon card!

...which Alex then can relocate it where needed.

8. Emergency Kit + Go For It

Swimming in energy but in dire need of cards as Alex? Play Emergency Kit on yourself. It will make you draw two cards when you take damage. Since we can’t wait until the enemy’s turn, you can damage yourself using the Go For It card. There you go, two extra cards for two health points!

When in need of cards, Alex has a rather efficient but painful trick to get some

Wanna become our master of decks? Head on over to Steam to try these powerful combos in the game!

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