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3571 The Game v0.85 patch: More FPS, better controls and new features for the procedural apocalypse generator.

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Thanks to your feedback, 3571 The Game version 0.85 have been upgraded again with more FPS, better controls and new features in this new patch!

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More and more FPS

The most demanding graphic feature was the water reflections, as they multiply draw calls by at least 2. So I decided to turn it off by default to speed up the engine, and I added an option on the pause menu to be able to activate it while playing. If the FPS drops too much, it's easy to uncheck the HD Water reflections effects without having to quit the game.

New world generation is also faster as HD water reflections were slowing it a lot. In top of that physics of furnitures and items are simpler and faster, and still less clunky. The camera maximum rendering range has been reduced a little bit, increasing performance a lot without altering the visuals that much.

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Accurate mouse movements

Smooth mouse was really strong, and very fast hand movements could cause weird camera or player movements. Now the maximum smooth is clamped and both first person and third person views feel better and more precise.

I need more feedback about controls but I think this update should make gameplay experience very smooth in addition to the increase in performance.

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Random Apocalyptic Storytelling

Procedural generation have been tuned to minimize useless objects and props and maximize interactive and narrative elements. This leads to very exotic moments where anything can happen.

Wandering around twenty seconds is enough to find a battle, villagers being attacked by monsters or soldiers defending their camp against combat droids.

So much things happening :

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Saving a family from a wolf attack:

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Don't let you gun on your table:

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Next Steps

I started to work on the next version 0.9 features, including a farming system and new apocalyptic enemies!

Thanks for reading, if you want to try and support the game, or if you want to try time travels, 3571 The Game is available in early access on Steam. See you in the future!


Amazing work!

I like the idea of a Roguelike survival RPG set in the post-apocalyptic year of 3571.

Some very good adds and hats off to the developer for continuing to support the game.


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frappastudio Author

Thank you very much! I won't give up! Bit.ly

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