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3571 The Game is a 3D procedural apocalypse simulator and a roguelike RPG survival: Craft weapons, build a base, recruit an army and beat the time of the best survivors of the year 3571. Droids, zombies, aliens, mutants... Welcome to the future!

Implemented Features (v0.9):

  • Original single artist videogame project since 2012
  • Official Gameplay Mode: Survive as long as you can and enter the Legend
  • Custom Gameplay Mode: create your own apocalypse
  • Procedurally generated 3D open world: Each new game is different
  • Random limited resources, objects and enemies: Save the world or destroy it
  • RPG system with XP level and skills
  • Survival system with hunger and thirst management
  • Item system and Inventory and Chest system
  • Fully destructible environment and objects
  • Vehicles: drive old cars or futuristic spaceships to move faster or crush enemies
  • Both 3rd person Hack'n'Slash and 1st person FPS gameplay
  • Funny and interactive NPCs: complex A.I. behavior and realtime pathfinding system
  • Recruits: players can recruit NPCs in his own team
  • 3D Roguelike with permanent death and highscores
  • 100% realtime combat system with special attacks and combo system
  • Optimal performance engine: the whole world NPCs react in realtime
  • Fast One-click simple Crafting System designed for the game
  • Player character customization
  • Unleash your quantum force in every situation: jump higher, run faster, kill harder
  • Riding system: horses, giant wolves... and flying dragons
  • Intelligent and interactive music multitrack system: music vary according to the situation
  • Random Events: Droid or zombie attacks, alien invasions can happen at any time
  • Natural disaster Events: Meteorites, volcanos...
  • Emergent action: there's always something happening around you
  • Growing & farming: 100% organic food
  • Fishing Rod Jumps: Use your fishing rod like a grappling hook!
  • Traps and bombs: Melee combat is not always the best option

Official Release upcoming features:

  • Final polish and optimization pass: cleaning, debugging and polishing !
  • Last content update: final content elements and event

Time travel right now and create your avatar in the year 3571 to see how long you can survive on the last island on Earth! If you want to play 3571 The Game now and support its development, click here:

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3571 The Game development is getting close to its final version with this version 0.98: more than 30 new NPCs with original dialogues, LOD models and implementation for all buildings, Unity 2020 Engine Update and first pass of final polish and optimization!

User Posted Image

More than 30 New NPCs

With the new 30 NPCs and their unique lines of dialogue, the procedural worlds of 3571 The Game are more alive than ever. Replayability is at its best as you will be able now to meet very different people each time you generate a new world, from ninja soldiers to mutant idiots.

It is now more than a hundred different characters than the game engine can use to populate the procedurally generated worlds of 3571 The Game. Most of the new NPCs will join your journey if you choose the right words with them. This gives funny and surprising gameplay loops between frequent fights to survive against droids and monsters. But be careful ! Keeping your NPC army alive will be a real challenge as they can a little bit too brave sometimes.

User Posted Image

LOD Models for all buildings

Among the several performance bottlenecks fixed for this version 0.98, one of the most game-changing was to create several LOD models for each building, which increased performance by a lot, almost doubling the framerate in some cases.

Now when seen in distance, each building 3D model is replaced with a low poly model, reducing the total number of polygons by 40% on average. This means that every single part of the game now is more fluid than ever, without reducing the quality or the number of elements in the game. This was a lot of work as there is a consequent number of different buildings in the game, but the result was worth it.

User Posted Image

Unity 2020 Engine update, polish and optimization

Developing this game has been a very long adventure for me, that started back in 2012 when I wrote my first line of code. The first final polish and optimization pass have been done: optimizing the game engine, physics, graphics, gameplay and source code, as well as fine tuning the details and correcting the last remaining bugs.

With new LOD 3D models system the game performance is now really awesome knowing it manages each frame hundreds of NPCs and enemies in a full 3D realtime world. I also did a lot of performance analysis and found several other optimization corrections : better AI management and reducing function calls when possible, physics engine optimization, lighting and textures optimization, and a new ground items collision management that saves up a lot of useless realtime calculations. It is now time for me to work on the final 1.0 version of the game, with the last polish pass and the last content optimizations.

User Posted Image

Bug Corrections, polish and optimisations :

  • Fixed: 7 items were impossible to pick up when on the ground
  • Fixed a physics engine bug causing lags after long in-game sessions
  • Physics time step have been lowered, objects behave more realistically
  • Fixed a bug causing the « Guard » button not working at start
  • Grounded items no longer needs to check if the player is near individually
  • Sound levels have been balanced
  • AI combat rework : NPCs are more dynamic during fights
  • Several minor performance optimizations and bug corrections
  • Fixed several textures that were too dark or too bright

User Posted Image

3571 The Game v0.98 features

  • Huge performance and stability improvement
  • New LOD levels for all procedural buildings
  • 30 new NPCs with unique dialogues and items
  • Updated to Unity 2020 Engine for better performance and compatibility
  • First optimization and polish pass
  • More realistic physics and collisions
  • Bug corrections and engine optimizations

User Posted Image

Welcome to the future

Thanks for reading! If you want to try and support the game, or if you want to try time travels, 3571 The Game version 0.9 is available right now in early access on Steam. See you in the future!

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

3571 The Game v 0.9 Winter Sale: -50%!

3571 The Game v 0.9 Winter Sale: -50%!


Ho-ho-ho! 3571 The Game version 0.9 is 50% off during Steam Winter Sales. Merry apocalypse!

3571 The Game Version 0.9 is out! More Screenshots!

3571 The Game Version 0.9 is out! More Screenshots!


More screenshots of of the procedural apocalypse simulator version 0.9.

New screenshots and new patch of v.0.9

New screenshots and new patch of v.0.9


New in-game screenshots of version 0.9, new options and performance updates of the latest patch and true facts about the game!

3571 The Game v.0.9 is out!

3571 The Game v.0.9 is out!


10 new mutant species, volcanos, alien vegetation and spaceships attacks, new HD GUI and icon design, new farming system and new faster game engine...

Guest - - 694,943 comments

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
kopstein - - 63 comments

Let's see what comes of this :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
frappastudio Creator
frappastudio - - 94 comments

Yes let's see! Thanks!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
_WulfKang_ - - 460 comments

This looks interesting,I'm going to follow this man.Good luck and nice work thus far.The lore is quite nice as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
frappastudio Creator
frappastudio - - 94 comments

-* Thank you very much *-

Reply Good karma+2 votes
ziv_iz - - 48 comments

Love this game, it looks great.
im a 3D modeller so if youre searching one, talk with me ill be happy to work with you :) (my protfilio: Indiedb.com)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
frappastudio Creator
frappastudio - - 94 comments

Thank you again Ziv_iz, I like your models especially the low-poly characters. The core idea of my 3571 Project is to create everything by myself, but I'm sure I may need you one day for a future project.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
ziv_iz - - 48 comments

oh offcurse and your doing a great job with that, good luck mate

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