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Introduction to the starting point of Elfscape: Ancestors, examples of facial expressions and in-game language of the ancient elves.

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Ancient language & facial expressions

Dev Diary 15

The city of Eshara.This is where the Guardian’s journey in Elfscape: Ancestors starts. The first person to talk to is the High priest. But there’s a catch! Neither you, or the Guardian can understand him. Also, he doesn’t understand you. Why’s that, you may ask? Well, because of the evolution of language. The Guardian is a very old being. She’s been around since the language of ancient noble elves - and that language didn’t endure the test of ages. It was too complicated for the simple worshippers, the Unworthy, who live in the city slums.

As you’ll continue your journey throughout various parts of the story, the city of Eshara will change. (but we won’t tell you how - so you’ll have one more surprise to look forward to)

The High priest - default face expression
High priest- default face expression

The High priest - sad expression
High priest- sad face expression

2 example of the language of the ancient elves - writing should be read downwards from the top

Language of the ancient elves pt1Language of the ancient elves pt2

On the top part of temple, you can see writings in the human language, with meaning:

Jushur Eanatum, the Ruler of the Flying island, will dwell in this place.
He'll come underground to destroy the darkness, Rabisu.

Writing in human language on the temple

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