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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Early access game review - 3 agree

After 10 years you get warband 1.5, still unfinished and at least 1-2 years from release. filled with bugs, unbalanced, loads of placeholders and main thing - kingdom management is still not there. Early access beta my ***, this is pre-alpha at best


Star Ruler 2

Game review

Its ok 4x game, but it get old really fast
Dumbed down Star Ruler 1


Hearts of Iron IV

Game review - 1 agree

Compared to HOI 3 on start it was crash and almost bug free but that content is just missing, too arcade-ish and dumbed down, easily exploitable and AI is just braindead. Nowhere near to HOI3 game after one year of patches.
So now, why it is praised? I know that AI and content will be adressed in the future, well probably but that core game just sucks, its boring, easy and target audience are causal rts players, not grand strategy game players anymore


7 Days To Die

Early access game review

Airships: Conquer the Skies

Early access game review

Battle Brothers

Game review

Cold Contract

Game review

This game is one of few tactical games released after year 2000 that is actually really good and comes from small indie dev team
I enjoy it a lot

-Strategic and tactical map
-good use of terrain
-working ballistics
-hireable mercs with experience system
-lot of guns!
-good balance
-all guns are usable
-surprising AI, they can cover behind rock and retreat to heal when injured

-sometime clunky gameplay and ui
-sometimes I miss tooltips
-instead of hit percentage there is bar that blend with terrain
-colour pallete is somehow not natural (like bright green grass)
-Not all soldiers are shown in ui, you need to scroll to get right one(this create chaos in battle when you need to see what soldiers have what weapon and injury/health)
-inventory system is kinda weird
-surprising AI, they charge like in bayonet era without thinking, other guys just sit and wait to be discovered and never help their buddies in fight


Game Dev Tycoon

Game review

Simplistick browser java game for price of 9 euro
shallow and stupid, nothing to do with actual game developing
I give it 4 points for no microtransactions



Game review

Jagged Alliance: Flashback

Game review

-Mediocre TBS, lot of cover system is missing like hide behind corner of building and shoot from it (its driving me crazy, whole urban fighting is just pain in AZZ)
-without jagged alliance soul
-no attachments, whole gun porn is missing where you can customize your guns
-various munnition is missing -like hollow point, FMJ etc...
-few skills
-few sectors
-small, unsatisfying micromanagment
-cant fight together with militia
-cant exit map when battle start
-unfinished, in alpha state
-from start I was sure you cant make JA game in short time and I was right its just too complex game to make, devs not skilled, from small studio and run out of money (?)

+Still lot better than JA Back in Action
+-Have potential, have no idea if they ever finish it, but I dont think so
They probably release free dlc with laser pointers and scopes and move on to make some other shiat

As I said its mediocre TBS 5/10 but if you slap "jagged alliance" brand on it then its 2/10
Do not buy ...at least for now

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