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Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix which has you leading a mercenary company in a gritty, low-power, medieval fantasy world. You decide where to go, whom to hire or to fight, what contracts to take and how to train and equip your men in a procedurally generated open world campaign.

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So this is basically good old Jagged Alliance but in a medieval/dark-fantasy setting.
The basic mechanics are solid and fun, which is rare these days of "half-cooked" early access titles.
So, what can you do in this game right now:
1) Generate a world with different towns, villages, castles and etc
2) Start off with a 3-men mercenary company and work your way up
3) Earn money by completing different tasks: slaying, guarding caravans, defending villages against goblins, orks or werewolves.
4) Spend money on mercs wages, new equipment, provisions, medicine, ammo and repair kits
5) BATTLE. I must say, as a fan of turn-based tactics, I find the already implemented battle system in Battle Brothers very solid and fun. It's rather simple, but have it's "depth".
Overall, these guys managed to create one of the best indies ever (also, one of the best EA titles), and it will become even more enjoyable in Februart 2016 with the big update coming, bringing new wordl map mechanics, fast travel, factions with their own politics and much more. Hats off.

One of the best tactical turn based strategy i played in the last 10 years. Thanks!

Great game that has something of the Darkest Dungeon and of the good old Warlords 3. It is grim dark like Warhammer FB. I love it.


Rueya says

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Small but amazing Dev team that have been true to their vision from the get go, producing a game that fans of turn-based strategy have only dreamed of, before Battle Brothers arrived.


So much fun, even in such an early state. Combat is very realistic, despite it being turn / grid based. It's pretty much xcom, but instead of futuristic firefights it revolves around medevil line battles. You can perform turtle shield techniques, spear walls, one on one deflects and counter attacks. Either play now for the combat or play In the future for combat +highly interactive world.

This game is a refreshing new take on the turn based strategy genre with its low-level fantasy setting. Battle Brothers is a game where the players strategic skill is what makes your party alive, and the game is brilliant in forcing you to make crucial decisions whether to sacrifice your bowman, your defender, or your entire team.

Battle Brothers is destined to be a game to redefine the tactical immersiveness of turn based rpg's.


Lukelo says

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Escorting a caravan sound dull? I beg to differ...
The AI caravan guards join in as 15 Bandits ambush you from the trees and high ground...
After a bloody battle, we manage to wipe out the enemy but weapons and armor are damaged from the long skirmish.

Ready to celebrate? Hold that thought! 25 more bandits come from the trees before you can take a step or recover any wounds. You form a shield wall, while rotating your hurt to the rear. Enemy archers and bowman rain arrows, not on your men, but on the caravan mule!

After a feinted tactical retreat, the enemy splits, and you are able to overcome their numbers...
However, the mule is dead, and the escort contract lost...

10/10 - Would get my *mule* kicked again

I have spent 80 hours into this game. This is the best mercenary simulator I have ever played. Crashed only once since I got the early alpha access. Very solid mechanics keep the game interesting at every level of play. This game favours playing smart versus hogging items and rushing headlong into fights. Terrain plays a big role in the fights. The world is beautiful. The character generation is awesome. Diverse quests will keep you occupied all the time.

The art is beautiful. The music is enchanting.

And good thing is theere is way more stuff coming out before the game is released. It feels like a full game right now. It would be infinitely better when it is ready!


This game is bursting with potential and the creators aren't spoiling it, they're spoiling the fanbase! They could have just left it the way it was and it would have been a great game right there, but the developers are going above and beyond with this game in every way. It's what other game creators should strive to do with there games and a breath of fresh air with all the cash grabs games are made into today.


This is such a great game. as of right now it's an 8/10 but I gave it 10/10 because that's what it deserves. The devs give us a well put together update every week and the game just looks better and better each coming week. Once their update comes out early 2016 this game will be legendary.

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