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The horns sound, the ravens gather. An empire is torn by civil war. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise. Gird on your sword, don your armour, summon your followers and ride forth to win glory on the battlefields of Calradia. Establish your hegemony and create a new world out of the ashes of the old.

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***Geroj*** says

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After 10 years you get warband 1.5, still unfinished and at least 1-2 years from release. filled with bugs, unbalanced, loads of placeholders and main thing - kingdom management is still not there. Early access beta my ***, this is pre-alpha at best


mohammedmeshal says

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Don't get me wrong i loves M&B series, and will play and probably love bannerlord but here is the thing, after 12 years they still couldn't make a really different game. with warband and it's dlcs it's released after few years, bannerlord took a long time in development to the point it's really good graphics becomes outdated, now it's looks bad, and still gameplay wise basically a warband, even some warband mods is better than this.
Combat looks the same and all the soldiers glitching into each other and basically moving through each other looks really bad.
Many things will change at initial release but a lot of these terrible gameplay bugs won't change.


Calbanar says

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Having played M&B since I was a pre-teen, I can only say it is, at least in its current state, a pretty big letdown.


Dragamyre says

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Within the next few years the game should f i n a l l y ... be in great shape, perhaps even worthy of The "Game of the Year, Few Years Late" award... if of course someone gives about such awards easily to the creators that delayed their child from being born... and when they did, it was a total abomination, getting patched daily, just to stay alive, surviving & avoiding betraying their loyal and brave fanbase...

After all the hard work, the game is still far away from it's glory days, developers are sometimes seen working on stuff they perhaps should put aside... working more on crucial, absolutely necessary things regarding lack of basic features, devastating crash & bug fixes, modding tools and general support of Mount & Blade foundation... mod creators, who are left alone on thin ice...

We must judge & criticize, or Taleworlds might look the other side... yet I must admit, even while I wasted half the time, trying to play my Campaign without crashing... the other half was worth 10/10 without any single doubt.


B5 says

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UTzimo says

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Not bad


Tallestdavid says

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shaol says

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Warband was great with all the mods. Bannerlord is even better in early access and without mods. Fantastic potential!


zdaniell says

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not perfect but good


yamacı says

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