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The Fun Pimps are small dedicated group of highly experienced Game and Software developers with a passion to make a game that both our team and gamers really want to play. Our goal is to create a lasting gaming experience you can’t get anywhere else that we’ll all be playing, upgrading and supporting for years to come. It’s more than a game it’s a labor of love!

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En_Dotter says

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Game is still in the alpha so i have no idea if this vote would be higher (10?) or lower after it becomes beta/release.
Game offers basically (almost) all i want from a game. It has action, crafting, resource gathering, multiplayer (also singleplayer, but thats not my area of interest), a lot of different places (biomes) and much more.

It allows players to express their creativity and FPS skill in various manners.

As this is still alpha, a lot of bugs and exploits are present, but if you are really know the meaning of "alpha" then you can just turn ur head away from those annoying things and see what games has to offer and what it might or will offer later.

If dev team does all they planned on the kickstarter this game will be amazing. They just need to fix their netcode and to move stuff to server detection side. I cant guarantee its client hit detection (and other stuff) but i tested a lot of things and it seems it is client based, and that is bad (in my opinion).

If you havent tried this game and u like minecraft/terraria/starbound/etc. you should try this one. It has much more action than mentioned titles and it has the concept of those mentioned games as well.


pkyrkos7 says

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I think it's the best of it's kind that combines survival,crafting,building and zombies with a voxel world! And it has common updates too!


keduardrobert says

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First, I want to thank the Developers for creating this special game.
Second, let's talk about the overall game:
Graphics - 10/10
Gameplay - 9/10 (Why only 9? Well, when I first started the game, it was so hard, I couldn't find any loot, like clothes, armour, food and other silly things... It was really hard at the beggining, but now I am a full pro at this game.)
Key bindings - 10/10 (I do really like the controls)

Final rating - 9.66/10 (It's 10)


Bill_Chiper3 says

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deck44 says

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Two years ago I rated 7d2d with 9/10. Today I give the game only 4/10.
When 7d2d came to Steam at the end of 2013, it offered a mix of Minecraft and Survival. Not better than the many Minecraft clones, as they are found in Apps Stores and earn money with the block building optics. Although it was not much hermachte and ugly, it offered a certain charm and joy at playing, and possible more because early accses.
Zombie survival was announced so bought. Next to 7d2d there was still rustlegacy and dayz.
The basic framework of 7d2d could at that time still keep up with rust, if it was even better in some aspects, as it offered with voxel a greater freedom.
the descent
Unfortunately why always synonymous, the fun pimps was not worked on the basic scaffold but one decided after some time for a graphic update. Here you can not argue about whether it was good or bad, it was bad for the game, because it was not applied cleanly. The animations are still unclean and the 3d models ugly as the night. Although it sounds hard, the graphics have concealed the state of 2001 with modern shaders. In addition, that since the ever again people complain about a bad performance and it is written off, the game is "EA" and it is still optimized.
At the performance was screwed if only casually, because this has significantly worsened with every update self-buyers with high end hardware complaining about problems why well.
The content has not been greatly expanded over the years, the gameplay elements have largely remained the same and the game principle has hardly changed a bit positively. It was often screwed to the balance of items and changed here and there simple acting things.
While you could see in the community what was possible and what others can do with mods. Alpha 16 added now after years times a sentry, which one could see before in a mod. The developers have implemented it well, but unfortunately the update came a two years too late to be able to boast with it.
No serious game
The starts were good, as was said, potential was there. With the decision to bring 7d2d to the xbox, the developers were laughable. The price was $ 40, which was ever a joke and the version came into the press. The judgments were totally annihilating, for good reason the game is not suitable to make a halfway good figure on the console. Alone the control, the user has to be with his controller stick over pc menus, was a anding.

Actually the future of the game was over. Big ambitions, maybe too big? The duration for an update withdrew and there was a feeling of it, nothing comes up.

But there was something else. ALPHA 16! The great alpha 16. months the fun pimps worked on the first real content update and beautiful ideas were designed.
For more than half a year the fanbase is waiting for a first playable version.
Inserted here, the game is early accses and the community is supposed to be part of the development (see subnautica). The developers decided to issue the experimental beta of the alpha 16 to different youtuber earlier.
The reason the youtuber would do something for the game, since they would always show 7d2d lets plays. That 7d2d is still in the EA program of steam, the developers had apparently forgotten. Yes the buyers have a right to be part of the development, and be it at the same time access to the beta as others get. For the fanbase an affront and the fighters heated up.
Because 7d2d is not a youtube-capable game and it has no chance mitterlweile against the competition. So why the step?
My impression, the developers are exaggerating.
What is missing?
The game lacks a clear concept in terms of both gameplay and design. Something through which the game is guided and can recognize where the journey goes. Although No Men Sky was mostly badly cut, it had a task for the player with a visible end.
7d2d has no job for the player except grind, grinden, grinden.

What else?
Alpha 16 has, for example, put a wolf (opponent) into the game, which is not different from the existing dog, it seems rather ridiculous, since it is in its size larger than the thickest zombie. So the question is, why in the game? The role is already filled by the zombie dog.
The random world generator conjures a huge world on the screen, which is essentially too big for mulitplayer and singelplayer. Why the focus of the developer lies here? a mystery.
There is a small singeplayer map created by and suitable for a story mode. Even simple missions would be possible, a good approach that was too little worked.
7d2d is difficult only because it ties up requirements in crafting to a level / resources system and increases the number of zombies with time. For a tower defense game, however, there are no real boss bosses and no responses of the Ai to the fall.
These are only a few points which come to my mind at first.
To buy?
Much would be painful if at least the performance of 7d2d would be good.
I can not support the idea of ​​buying a beta, which is mu


saymon5 says

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It has great potential!

You can edit anything anywhere. Everything is breakable. Even though it is in alpha, it already looks good and plays good. I hope they fix the ragdolls though.


***Geroj*** says

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tresirtam says

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snowvertex says

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Indrick says

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