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Wanderboots is a open world RPG set in a somewhat realistic medieval world, with a focus on exploration, player choice and interactivity. This is a one man project, currently in its third year of development.

Want to catch the latest news? Check out my website, the dev blog section at the bottom of the page or add this game to your collection to receive the latest updates. There's also a Discord server for discussing the game where updates are posted more frequently and you have a chance to affect the development.

Wanderboots is an open world RPG set in a low fantasy world where you are not the hero or destined to save the world. Instead the focus is on interacting with the world and being treated like the average person you are.

  • Large open world with varied locations. Forest, deserts, swamps and frozen wastelands and more.
  • 21 different skills to master including cartography, sailing, weapon proficiency and farming.
  • Highly interactive world.
  • Ship sailing and cargo hauling with smuggling planned to be added.
  • Over 200 unique NPCs to interact with or kill.
  • Full day/night cycle with weather patterns.
  • Crafting systems; smithing, cooking and alchemy with unique gameplay for each.
  • Dungeons to explore for great loot.
  • Varied quests with different outcomes based on choices and actions.
  • Several factions to join and fight against.
  • Branching quests.
  • Party members to join you on your adventures.
  • Hardcore mode that adds survival aspects like eating and sleeping.

Keep up with the latest tweets and updates of what I'm working on. Not that active on there, but I post links to new devlogs when they are posted.

If you help support Wanderboots' development you will be added to the Supporter Group which gives you benefits such as feature requests and direct chat with me and other supporters about the future of the game.

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Patch notes 0.1.5



  • Combat music now stops when all enemies are dead or escaped from combat.
  • Improved randomization of Notice Board notes.
  • More NPC's are using the new dialog system. Almost there now!
  • The barber shop is now open! Visit it in Midforest to change your hair style and color.
  • NPC's would sometimes stay outside during the night, when they should instead be at home.
  • Updated ground tiles to have more detail.


    • Made main HUD more minimalistic. Items such as health and mana bar only show when in combat, when less than max value or if recently hurt by something. Can be toggled on or off in Options.
    • Improvements to the day and night lighting. Some overworld maps now have unique lighting in certain hours instead of a global color that applies to all. The improvement also adds full 24 hour lighting with unique lighting conditions instead of the old where the sky color was only updated 4 times per day. Preview video at top of this post.
      • Fog also changes density and color depending on time of day.

    • Revamped how Notice Boards work. Instead of it being a boring message box, an interface now shows up where you can select notes to read.
      • Also added new notice boards to outposts.
      • Quests can be initiated from reading notice boards and will disappear when starting and/or completing quests

  • Made changes to dialog boxes. Text fits better, choice number in seperate box and stat checks are shown with that stats icon and the requirement instead of being part of the choice text.
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Tales of Astya 0.1.8

Tales of Astya 0.1.8


Patch notes for Tales of Astya 0.1.8. This is a rather substantial update that fixes a lot of issues and introduces a ton of new features.

Tales of Astya 0 1 5

Tales of Astya 0 1 5


Tales of Astya is a open world RPG set in a somewhat realistic medieval world, with a focus on exploration, player choice and interactivity.

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