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An ARPG with Gods and rogue-lite elements.

Turn into avatars of Gods during battles and wield Thor’s hammer, use Loki's mischief skills or Odin's power to crush your enemies.

HACK'N'SLASH Dragon Crawler with Physics


  • Worship Norse Gods to earn their aid in battle and become their avatar.
  • Use Idol Statues and collect rune stones to receive more God Skills.
  • Unique level up system with a variety of skills, talents and items.
  • 2 different Afterlife paths to choose from when you die.
  • Execute enemies to restore your health or gain extra blood.
  • Use the environment and game physics in your favor.


During your journey in the Vikings’ world you will come across different Idol statues of Gods that can be unlocked.

Each God is unique and will come with its own set of powers and abilities. You will gain your God’s favors, they will give you their powers in battle or grant you the ability to become their avatar for a limited period of time. Gods won’t listen to your mortal callings every time.

You can unlock this power by filling up your devotion bar. Performing certain actions such as finding Runes will grant you more abilities during your avatar state while others like defeating certain enemies, damaging Templar flags or other artifacts will help fill up your devotion bar faster. When your devotion bar is full you will be able to pray and will have good chances to receive an answer from your God. The choices you make regarding new items will affect the way your devotion bar fills up and the way your God will respond to your prayers.


You can choose between three different classes, each with its unique gears and weapons. Characters in Viking Vengeance are visually distinct and grant access to different skills and items that have to be used in combination with the God mechanic. These combinations allow you to build unique experiences every time and influence the way you approach encounters.

Each class will have the ability to execute the enemies after their health reaches a certain threshold. Executing enemies will either give you health back or extra blood currency which can be used for reviving, boosting your devotion or for other gains.

Level Up

Leveling up in Viking Vengeance consists in receiving new skills, upgrades for old ones or new equipment to choose from at certain levels as well as receiving extra stat points.

The items and weapons are brought to you by the only Valkyrie that is willing to help. The characters have a maximum of 6 basic abilities, one weapon trait ability and one ultimate ability.


In Viking Vengeance, death comes at a price. Your options will be Reviving on the spot for a large blood cost or going back to your last saved location, restarting the world. When returning to Midgard from Valhalla you will always be marked by Valkeries with different intensity effects, depending on your results in the challenges of the After life. While marked the Valkeries will hunt you and try to get you back to the spirit world.

Monsters & Enemies

Enemies appear in specific areas and they have different behaviors, strengths, weaknesses and skills.

You will remember when a clumsy and slow Jotun will manage to land a hit and you will remember that the Dragur attacks are burning up points from your devotion bar, preventing you from using the power of the Gods. You will be intrigued by the Templar Priest who has a divine shield from his God, making him invulnerable to non God attacks.

Rune stones

While discovering the world of Viking Vengeance, you will come across Runes, blessed stones that will offer benefits on your journey. The most important Runes you need to find are the Nine Noble Virtues.

Finding all the nine stone is your main mission. It is said that once all the Noble Virtues are together, they will form a powerful legendary weapon of Gods. This weapon has the potential to change the fate of the world. The Nine Noble Virtues will reveal their origin story by deciphering the mosaics you will gather.


It all began as a trembling flame that turned into a full blown conflict between the two faiths. Seeing no other way to stop the unnecessary bloodshed, the Templars acted as ambassadors and signed a peace treaty with the vikings.

Years passed and the Dark Ages began bringing hunger, famine, plague and violence. The common people believed that the peace treaty with the heathens unleashed God's Wrath.They started protests throughout the kingdoms and soon enough the Templars were arrested and the peace treaty voided. One Templar Knight managed to escape.

The last Templar went on a quest to find the Holy Grail. His only wish was to put an end to the Dark Ages and heal the world. Through his perseverance he managed to find the Holy Grail, put an end to the peace treaty and be proclaimed Emperor by the people.Through this new position and with the aid of the Holy Grail, he restored the Templars’ Order, this time as a military force with the purpose of eradicating all the heathens and avoiding a new Dark Age.

Witnessing the unnecessary bloodshed of innocent people, a Sergeant has a change of heart and turns his back on his fellow Crusaders during his Teuton Knight Initiation process.

Trying to reconnect with your people, from whom you were taken as a child, and to put an end to the Templar oppression, you will rediscover your original Gods and you will be harnessing their powers. You will find out the legend of an ancient weapon that could change everything.


After completing the story your job is still far from over. Even if you manage to push back the Templar conquest, the War goes on. This time it will be different. This time you will bring the war to them, after giving back much needed hope to your people you will start fighting in the Raid game mode.


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Hello all,

We have a brand new December update for you today!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you've been giving us in entering the Top 100 Games of 2020! This is both humbling and honoring and will serve as fuel for our final development steps!

We now need your help once more to make it to the Top 10 Games, and bring Viking Vengeance closer to more people that would enjoy playing it. Each vote counts!

Please vote here: Indiedb.com

✔️ No sign up required
✔️ You can vote for as many games as you wish

We would also like to inform you we have a new talented Voice Actor that will be playing the Templar Emperor. Andrei Radu is our new writer taking charge of the story and we have implemented a New Story and Voice Narration System.

The Singleplayer Campaign for Viking Vengeance has been finalized and we are almost done with the Replayability features as well. Next we will start polishing and bug fixes as well as other small improvements, finalizing the English texts and starting the translations.

If you wish to get involved in our community either in the closed Beta or helping out with translations, we encourage you to join us on discord:

We hope you will have great winter holidays with your loved ones, stay safe and have an excellent New Year!

2 Years of work on our ARPG - From War3 Modding to Viking Vengeance

2 Years of work on our ARPG - From War3 Modding to Viking Vengeance

News 4 comments

Viking Vengeance is a Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler ARPG set in a religiously oppressed medieval world. You play as a Templar with pagan origins who rediscovers...

Become an Enemy Boss in our upcoming ARPG, Viking Vengeance!

Become an Enemy Boss in our upcoming ARPG, Viking Vengeance!


We have some exciting news today! We are offering you the opportunity to become an Enemy Boss in our upcoming ARPG. Get the chance to leave your mark...

TreseBrothers - - 3 comments

Very cool!

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lowpolyinteractive Creator
lowpolyinteractive - - 7 comments

Thank you! Right back at ya!

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lowpolyinteractive Creator
lowpolyinteractive - - 7 comments

Don't forget to Wishlist Viking Vengeance on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

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