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Type 3 is an FPS RPG with a psycho-mystery thriller storyline, and is set in an open-world/level-based hybrid sci-fi universe. The game will bring up and tackle sensitive issues affecting modern society and try to take the first steps towards making video games art. You are Keith Raven, an ex-soldier who's mental and emotional scars led him to spend 20 years in a psychiatric hospital. Shortly after release, his brother, a high ranking official in the United Republic of Species, commits suicide. After receiving a secret postmortem message from his dead brother, Keith reveals the racism, hate, and corruption reaching to the highest tiers of the Estari government, while fighting the intense psychosis destroying his sanity and perception of reality.

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Type 3 Update #2

News 11 comments

In the last two weeks, Wolfpack Designs has gone through some major changes, among these was a plan to rebuild the look of the studio from the ground up. The first stage of which is a new name. Today, I'm happy to announce the new look and name of Wolfpack Designs, under the moniker of Koru Entertainment. Koru Entertainment will be working on two games, Type 3, and a yet to be announced project being created by a team that recently decided to join Koru Entertainment.

While we have been spending much time on creating our new Studio, we have made great progress on Type 3 with our new concept artists. I'll start with the pieces from our Lead Concept Artist, Alex Chu.

This is our main character, Keith Raven, the suit he is wearing is the suit that will be worn in safe areas throughout the game, an example which is Estari City. The suit is used because in a real society, someone walking around in a full body suit armed to the teeth would instill fear in the populace, just as someone with an assault rifle in Times Square would cause fear on our own society.. Keith will be wearing a much lighter armor, much more like clothing, but with light protection for emergencies. He will also carry a pistol for potential self-defense in the less prosperous locales within the city.

Keith Raven Concept

This piece is of the suit Keith will wear when in the line of fire.

Keith's Combat Suit Concept

This is the lovely Estari City, this is a mood piece, and is one of many to come.

Estari City Concept

These pieces are miscellaneous rock and crystal pieces by Brad, they will be used in various environments throughout Estari.

Rock Concepts Rock Concepts 2

And this is the finished concept of the Niirae forest.

Niirae Forest Concept

These pictures are examples of the Cone Step Mapping featured in the Maoli engine. Cone Step Mapping can be most easily described as the next generation of Parallax Occlusion Mapping. While it is more complicated then that, it serves the same purpose, but does so much more realistically. All detail shots are using only Cone Step Mapping, there are no added polygons, it is simply a flat floor using the Cone Step Mapping feature.

Cone Step Map Demonstration Cone Step Map Demonstration

Koru Entertainment is Hiring!
Koru Entertainment is hiring. All jobs are currently not paid.
We are looking for highly skilled individuals in the areas of:
Character Modeling/Texturing
Environment Artists
Engine Coders (C++ and C#)
Applications must be e-mailed to Taowolf51@aol.com with the subject name "Type 3 (Your Position) [Your Name]. Applications must include examples of your previous work, years of experience, age, and contact information.

We all hope you all enjoyed this update from Koru Entertainment!

Colin Wagner
-Co-President of Koru Entertainment
-Project Lead of Type 3

Type 3 Update #1

Type 3 Update #1

News 3 comments

Here is a nice and beautiful update for all of you watchers. This update includes critical images that the public will love to see and drool over.

Type 3 Announced!

Type 3 Announced!

News 13 comments

Type 3 is an FPS RPG with a psyco-mystery thriller storyline, and is set in an open-world/level-based hybrid sci-fi universe. The game will bring up and...

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reok - - 469 comments

Is it finished? :P

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Guest - - 695,517 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Dukeraver - - 4 comments

Brilliant work here, loved what you done with the place. I'll be watching .^.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TaylorMoe - - 227 comments

Well it appears to be dead, but lets hope its just in hibernation...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AndreB - - 259 comments

Dead project.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tadmod Creator
tadmod - - 98 comments

I think this is dead... The website's down...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
0bas0 - - 63 comments

yeh it was even dead when the site was up, ah yeh, to bad, could have been one # of a game, but now it is another failed indie game one of the 99%.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Squiggers - - 713 comments

Regard it as sleeping, not dead mate - i has my sources..


Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
L0K - - 268 comments

What's going on here? You guys havent given up have you?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Soundpath - - 113 comments

no, we're still hard at work ;)

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