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The AMC TC is an epic multi-character single player stand-alone game based on Duke Nukem 3D, utilising Eduke32 and the 2.5D BUILD engine. There are 5 episodes planned; episodes 1, 2 and 3 have been released and episode 4 is in development. Each episode is a full length campaign featuring detailed and intricate levels to explore, with dozens of secrets and scores of enemies to fight and weapons to utilise.

AMC TC Wallpaper

Episode one consists of maps built by James Stanfield, Rusty, Geoffrey, Highwire, Mikko Sandt and Sangman.

Episode Two consists of maps built by James Stanfield, Michael Crisp, Sangman, Mikko Sandt, Cedric 'Zaxtor Znort' Lutes, Loke, and Snowfall. It also consists of maps built from unfinished segments by Highwire, DavoX, and Mike Von Skellington.

Episode Three consists of maps built by James Stanfield, Michael Crisp, Sangman, Cedric 'Zaxtor Znort' Lutes, Rhaisher, Loke, Alicatgamer, and Snowfall. It also consists of maps built from unfinished segments by Highwire and Jenz/Amaka.

Lead CON scripter is James Stanfield, with help from Doom64Hunter and Sangman. Additional engine programming is by Doom64hunter and Sangman. Many sprites, cinematics, and model renders are by Sebabdukeboss20. GUI artwork by Alicatgamer. Artwork is sourced from a wide variety of places, with some original artwork by James Stanfield, Geoffrey, Rusty_Nails, and Snowfall. Music is sourced from opengameart.org

The AMC Squad is a paramilitary group formed by a man whose identity is unknown to all but a select few in the EDF and EAF. Using funds from both of those agencies as well as his own, he hired an old friend to track down 7 of the best and most skilled fighters on Earth. This squad was formed to tackle the most severe threats to Earth's safety, including fighting off the notorious Cycloid race of aliens. However, events soon unfold that dramatically increase the scale of conflict, and the AMC squad must soon deal with a new paranormal world that is new to even the most supernatural members of the team.

Can you fight as the AMC Squad, and take care of this threat? Will you scour the battlefield, find and aquire research and equipment and tackle the threat strategically, or just run in guns blazing? Will you choose to play as Sangluss, A warlock with great power who overcame a dark past? Or as Merlijn, the knight from Holland who wields ancient weaponry to deadly effect? Mikko, the Cybernetic leader of MS Corp industries, brings a range of deadly and hi-tech weaponry to the battlefield whereas Highwire relies only on good old fashioned guns (Preferably russian made!) Whomever you chose, be prepared for the fight of a lifetime.

Check out the wiki here!

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AMC TC v3.6 released!

AMC TC v3.6 has been released - this version brings a large tech overhaul to the mod and brings OpenGL support, offering improved performance as well as fixing a large variety of bugs. It also includes additional art improvements, and a new map for episode 3. There's also been additional improvements to help ease new players into the vast and complex world of AMC.

AMC difficulty selection


  • Polymost/OpenGL support - thanks to significant work by Doom64hunter, Sangman, and the EDuke32 team, this much requested feature is now available.
  • Additional art updates for boss enemies and NPCs such as the Abyss Despot and the Mamano by sebabdukeboss20
  • New Cinematics by sebabdukeboss20! Make sure you play in Polymost mode to see them.
  • Additional GUI updates by AliCatGamer!
  • Tons of polishing and bug fixing, particularly to solve common crashes and UI and texture issues.
  • A new map starring Alien Armageddon's Bombshell, by Micky C - found in Episode 3 after finishing the Chaosphere level and having the Paranormal Research Division unlocked, the map icon for the mission is found in the USA map.AMC Rusty's room, by Alicatgamer


Download and unzip into a fresh directory, and run amctc.exe. If you're a returning player, copy over your data folder and eduke32.cfg from your existing AMC TC directory to ensure your progress is saved. Save games aren't compatible, but campaign progress is still saved and you can simply go to the AMC base to continue your progress.

Engine Changes

This release of the AMC TC uses a modified version of EDuke32 r8133, the source code and build instructions of which can be found here:


Windows and Linux have been tested, MacOS has not, though in principle it should also work.

Note that this fork of EDuke32 is only intended for use with the AMC TC. Many thanks go to the EDuke32 team (particularly TerminX, Hendricks266, Pogokeen and StrikerTheHedgefox) for assisting us with engine bugfixes and CON coding advice that solved a large number of crashes and issues.


As always we have a discord channel that you're encouraged to join for more screenshots and updates, as well as discussion with other community members.

AMC TC v3.6.5-x Patch Released

AMC TC v3.6.5-x Patch Released

News 1 comment

Release of maintenance patch to update eduke32 to the most recent revisions.

AMC TC Status update

AMC TC Status update

News 9 comments

Quick status update on the future of AMC TC, as well as a recommendation for Ion Fury.

AMC TC V3.5 Redux Released

AMC TC V3.5 Redux Released

News 1 comment

The massive art overhaul by sebabdukeboss20 has just been released! It also contains new GUI artwork by AliCatGamer, and a host of other new features...

Cedric 'Zaxtor Znort' Lutes 1979 - 2019

Cedric 'Zaxtor Znort' Lutes 1979 - 2019

News 16 comments

The man behind the Oblivion and Trequonia TC, as well as many usermaps and AMC TC maps, has sadly passed away.

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AMC TC v3.6.5-3 Patch with Engine Update

AMC TC v3.6.5-3 Patch with Engine Update

Patch 4 comments

INSTALL THIS ONLY AFTER 3.6 ! Patch 3.6.5-3 to update engine base to eduke32 r9159.

The AMC TC v3.6

The AMC TC v3.6

Full Version 48 comments

Episodes One, Two and Three of the AMC TC - a standalone game based on Duke Nukem 3D. This release contains all released Episodes the AMC TC, so if you've...



Patch 2 comments

DEPRECATED - Old V3.6.4 patch for AMC TC v3.6, check the description for more details. By James 'Jblade35' Stanfield and Doom64Hunter.



Full Version 18 comments

Episodes one and two of the AMC TC - a standalone game based on Duke Nukem 3D. This release contains both Episodes one and two of the AMC TC, so if you've...

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Hey James or whoever from the team is reading this, I've written a big review covering AMC TC and I would like you to check it out.


Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Good write-up. Thanks for taking the time to play and review it! I'm sorry you didn't like the experience so much.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I don't think he disliked the experience, although he was abit harsh on some parts and aspects of the mod. He gave some valid criticism and he did overall recommend the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wouldn't Polymost being the main renderer cause issues for users who don't have powerful hardware?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Doom64hunter Creator

Polymost works reasonably well with mid-range GPUs from my experience. In general the mod should have about the same requirements as Ion Fury, hardware-wise.

And Classic mode still works as an alternative in the current release, the only feature that's incompatible are 3 cutscenes, which are non-essential.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I seem to remember a character called Michael in earlier versions of episodes 1 and 2 that would aid in the larger final missions, and you'd switch between him and chat with him over the coms device.
I understand that removing him probably helps to streamline the levels and such, but what was the overall reason for him being cut from the story?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jblade35 CreatorSubscriber

character was called John; he didn't want to be in the mod anymore, that's the only reason.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

That is quite sad! I kinda liked him there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi your game looks great but i cant get past the tutorial cause the charchter slide just sucks and wont go underneath am i doing something wrong i tried rebinding the quick kick key i kinda wish it was just bound with crouch like in alien armegeddon

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Make sure that you're using the "Sprint" key rather than the "Run" key.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Short Review of Episode 1: A very interesting and ambitious mod to say the least. My absolute favourite aspect of the mod is the additional gameplay depth granted via new mechanics: sliding, leaning, sprinting, wall kicking, karate kicks, alt fire modes, alternate ammo, weapon upgrades, rolling/dodging, weapon reloading, melee weapons, temp weapons, basic loadouts, interaction with more object types, PDA/scanner & inventory. These mechanics are what drew me to the mod in the first place but I was…

May 12 2014 by |Totalitarian|

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