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This game will have two modes: Tower Defence Mode: Player starts a level as Tower Defence game (server), build Towers to stop creeps from reaching the exit Portal. Tower Attack Mode: Player joins a server, and plays as a creep, attacking the Towers. This mode wil be in FPS/Third Person view. Player can use skills like fireball, ice shards, sneak, etc… to get past Towers. For now, only the first mode is working.

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Block, Frost, Prism, Teleport, Lightning and Generator are the six different crystals that you possess. You must use these crystals to protect your core!

With these crystals you can build the structure of your choice. But be careful you have got limited resources. You can transport energy from the core to the crystals and increase their power! Place generators under daylight rays and gain resources. Place your core to the most strategic place! You can create paths and control the orcs!

Everything is up to you! Determine your strategy!

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