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In the 23rd century humanity ventures deeper into space and discovered that it’s not as dead as first believed, but in fact steaming with life and politics. Earth unites and Space Fleet gets founded.

You play as Captain Welmu, a 35 year old space pilot happily married with two children. In 2300 you get sent on a routine mission to explore an anomaly close to Mars Colony 03. Something goes wrong and the game starts with you waking up many light years away from home. You are ill equipped and in unknown space. Getting home at maximum speed will take you at least forty years. What to do now? You decide! You are the Captain!


Getting home is the main goal and foundation on which the game is build upon. This is accomplished by choosing your way through space and deciding how and when to interact with other planets and lifeforms. The gameplay is layered into two parts:


There are a lot of different mini-adventures to play and explore. Each mini-adventure provides multiple endings and can be played separate from each other. They are the backbone of the game and will present you with moral dilemmas and logical problem solving. There are no limits here of what we can come up with. Our goal is to surprise, amaze, horrify and delight you as much as we can.

Outcomes from these mini-adventures affects the world around you. For example, choosing one part between two conflicting worlds will have an effect if you for instance, later run into factions from the other. So play them with care. They can also provide you with a lot of valuable equipment that can help you on your way home.

To make the game more replay friendly, we have designed a quick load function at each of these mini adventures. When you reach an ending of an adventure, the game saves this outcome. You can then, when you replay the game, choose this outcome instead of playing the mini-adventure again. This will set the states, get you the items and crew that the outcome describes. You also always have the option to replay the adventure and try to find other outcomes that fit you better.


The strategy part is built around a giant starmap. You start at one end and your goal is to get to the other. How you do it and which route to choose is up to you.

Before setting the next destination you should take several factors into consideration. Fuel cost, speed (higher speeds lead to higher fuel costs) and other space hazards (such as space pirates and hostile factions). For example, following a trade route could give that extra income you need to afford a space jump at one of the many stargates.

Since reaching a new world can easily add months to your journey, you have to carefully decide how to spend your time. Research new technologies, repair or upgrade your ship. Maybe bigger guns will make it possible to take a shortcut through hostile space further ahead? Or more efficient engines will save you enough fuel to let you skip a year mining a rocky moon?

You could also spend your time with the crew that you pick up during your travels. The crew is an important part. They help you maintain and upgrade your ship or man a gun during battle. Who they are and how you met them will decide how they act. Getting a mercenary enlisted may cost you gold every month or lying to get someone onboard could lead to dangerous consequences later on. These characters that you meet on planets, continue to evolve their relationship with you and other characters during your journey home. Don’t get to attached... Space is a dangerous place.


During your journey to complete the main goal of getting home, you will be able to complete numerous extra goals. These extra goals are what take the game to the next level and give it its replay value.

We will provide separate story elements for these goals and each goal will affect the ending. We will also provide a chart of your progress on all these extra goals which is saved between plays.

Some examples of these goals

- Get home in 10 years.

- Get home in 1 year

- Get home in one day

- Find the mystical planet “Atlantis”

- Destroy at least 10 planets.

- Find and eliminate the infamous rogue bandit Lemar Vurton.

- Discover the truth behind The Enlightened Society.

- Etc… etc…

And... there are some rumors that when all the goals are completed, something wonderful will happen!!!

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