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Explorationbased Point-and-Click Adventure for PC/OSX/Linux. Pergons handdrawn environment is full of motion. Explore and interact with otherworldly creatures, droids and animals. Prepare to be faced with lots of different enemies on Planet Pergon. Use your shield and your plasma gun to protect yourself. Your mission is to search and repair all seven interstellar energy collectors to save Planet Pergon.

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i just wanted to inform you that i have made progress in developing Pergon. There is a new ingame menu with a lot of functions and statistics.

Also, a new sound and light puzzle is currently in development:

Besides this, a lot of work went into the ingame menu:

Ingame menu

Whenever you click the player for one second, an ingame menu will open, allowing you to perform certain things like calling your helper drone or locating the next energy collector. Here you can also easily keep track of your health, your system status and other important things.

Information Screen for objects

Many objects, creatures and "things" in Pergon can be clicked and observed as well. In this Screen, you see the information about your personal "helper drone", that you can call at any time. It will search health crystals for you and might as well find other things that could be helpful on your journey!

New Background Graphics

I am currently playing around with new background graphics. Here´s a big moon-like planet in the background. Expect more of these as well. You will also discover other ships in the background, far away and flying around. The cosmic space is huge!

Listen to the official Pergon Soundtrack here:

Also, you can follow me on Facebook for development news:

My website:

Pre-Ordering on itch.io: (Massive Savings!)

Pergon explorational point and click adventure announced

Pergon explorational point and click adventure announced

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Pergon is an upcoming explorationbased point-and-click adventure game for PC/OSX/Linux.


I am really sad to see that this game never made it to being published, i found it incredibly refreshing and really wanted to see it become a reality.

Never give up, there is still time!

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