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Build the ultimate medieval tournament - and lead your house to glory

Tourney is a tycoon style simulator / simulation PC game. It will allow you to take control of a medieval noble house, and then build a tournament or "tourney" ground where you can watch your champions vie for victory, or dive in and get involved in the combat!

The finished game will feature the following:

  • Build your tourney ground. Event areas for jousting, melee and archery; and buildings such as apothecaries, blacksmiths, stands, ale wagons, hog roasts and more
  • Choose your champion. Build their skills. Buy them the best armour and weapons
  • Fight your way to the top and win the tournament
  • 13 playable houses with unique heraldry, traits and heroes
  • Keep the peasants and nobility happy to keep the gold rolling in
  • Hire staff members such as jesters and troubadours
  • Lots of parody and hidden references!
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I’m so pleased to announce that Tourney, the medieval tournament simulator, has now gone live!


The last few weeks have been very busy, finalising some of the mechanics in terms of jousting and melee. Tweaking the prices and refining the difficulties etc.

More important than that was reviewing feedback from the beta testers. This has directly contributed to a number of new features and improvements! such as:

  • Fanfare, confetti, a trophy symbol and various other pomp for knights winning tournaments
  • Buttons for resetting the camera & speeding up time
  • Added middle mouse view drag
  • Helper missions for things that weren't clear. For example one in the second level to remind players to build a healer so the knights didn't get killed so much


Not only new features, but plenty of fixes. For the last week or 2 that’s been the main focus, since the launch was coming up, I didn’t especially want to be putting more stuff in. I didn’t want to accidentally introduce new bugs!


Anyway - it’s been a long road getting to this point, over 4 years in development! I am so thankful to the community for all of the support that has been given over the years. It really would not be the game it is without such fantastic help.

And the journey continues! Obviously there will be support for the game at initial launch, to check out any comments or feedback players might have.

There is also a pretty large update with more content in development now, which will be released sometime after launch.

So do stay tuned for more updates on Tourney the medieval simulator, and in the meantime: I really hope you enjoy the game!


Tourney is in Closed Beta!

Tourney is in Closed Beta!

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With just a few weeks to go till the game is released, Tourney is now in closed beta phase of testing!

Tourney has just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign!

Tourney has just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign!


Tourney the medieval tournament simulator has just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of development. If you want to help get...

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