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In SOEGW there is no leveling meaning grinding is effectively removed from the game. Instead I am using a new system which haven't (as far as I'm aware been used before), Reputation. This system allow you to be rewarded and become rich by any means. Build a ship and sell it to other players or research new technology and produce new weapons and armour.

What does Reputation do?

Reputation allows you to have more of a impact on the realm or group/guild your in by making your votes count as more than others with lower Reputation. The things you will be voting on is who will be your leader of the group/guild or realm and other things which the leader will want council on.

Being King/Queen

In SOEGW each faction, guild or group is ran by a player which is voted in by the people who are members of that realm/guild but they lose there position if they are killed. This makes the risk of being king even more dangerous as it could be snatched at any point even by your own people. To make this happen less the King/Queen will be able to recruit 50 people more than other players.

What Can the King/Queen Do?

The King/Queen can do nearly anything. They can improve the realm they command by upgrading the cities and towns, they can knight players and bestow riches and land upon them, they can give quests to hunt down people/players or take land, set laws, set patrols and the list goes on!


Crafting in SOEGW is unique and rewards skill, not grinding. There at the moment only four different groups of crafting at the moment which are Woodworking, Smithing, Cooking and Alchemy.


Woodworking have a large scope of effects. Woodworking allows the player to design and build mighty ships of mass destruction and design your own houses and farms. This allow for quick defenses to be built before warfare and great variety in ships and carts with different layouts, speed, firepower and storage.

How will it work?

Woodworking will work by having different items being available for crafting depending on the length of the wood you are wishing to craft with. The size can be changed by using certain tools but the tool you use to do this depends on the size of the wood for example a 'Log' will need a sawmill to cut it down a size as a 'Plank' will only need a saw.

A picture of the Woodworking crafting tree (concept)


Smithing will be majorly useful in the world of Ashguard as it will be used to make new armour and weapons from the new technology that you have learnt either by trade or research. This system works by using a furnace and anvil. The furnace must be heated by coal or wood. Then the player will place the metal into the furnace to heat it up. The more heat the metal haves the more time you get to shape the metal allowing you to get a higher quality making it slightly more effective and worth more. The way you shape the item you wish to make is by removing the squares outside the red outline which shown below with the example of a short sword.


This have not been thought through yet


This have not been thought through yet

The World

The game world will hopefully be more realistic and life like than any other game. SOEGW will hopefully make you forget the real world and be immersed fully in the experience. SOEGW wants you to feel connected to the world and care what happens to it. Each faction have it own beliefs and interpretation of the world and what is happening in the world making it feel more in-depth and interesting. There is a total of ten factions...

The Empire
The Empire is the largest and most riches faction in Ashguard and holds the throne of Ashguard which is in the center of the world. The Empire are a not specialized in any skill but imports the latest technologies usually from the Iron Cal but have developed some important and revolutionary ideas such as the new torches which can burn for days on end without any catering.

The Iron Cal

The Iron Cal are a strong and powerful race which began in the center of the earth. The new life on the surface caused internal strain on the faction which resulted in a civil war between the Royalist and the Outcast. The Iron Cal are shorter than man as the environment they began in was small and tight which are now large and luxurious.

The Cellcart

The Cellcart, a band of strong, vicious warriors who are not fully together. They are masters at stealth and speed which they use across the swamps and in the 'haunted forests' surrounding their land.

The Norcal

The Norcal, a strong, brutal race which call the harsh cold land in the north-west there home. They see the ice as their home and bury their dead in the frozen lake called 'The Northern Ice'. There stronger than most men and slightly taller. Their religion states that there god, Sovain (So-vain) have no master plan and only occasionally interventions with the world.

The High Lords

One of the three elven races in Ashguard and the one of the major causes for the Elven
Alliance collapsed because of going to war with the Dark Elves. They live of the isles to the west of Ashguard and keep the 'Scrolls of Eithador' which is a record of everything said in the living world.

The Wood Elves

The Second race of the elves. They are fast and are great at surviving in incredibly difficult circumstances as there agility is so good. There religion is similar to the High Lords and have the same secreted place as the other Elves. They are on the verge of extinction after the collapse of the Elven alliance. They live in the forests scattered around Ashguard.

The Orc's

The Orc's are a very religious race who manged to turn the once lushes land of the west into a wasteland with cracks reaching to the center of the world. There isn't much known about them except they are large in number and have few enormous cities with no little settlements.


The Helrath a race of demonic creatures and live in the Dark seeking to destroy the living land. They have simple structure which consists of a leader named Markel and 12 Kalmort
Lords which are the second most powerful. There are 12 as there is only 12 Fortress which protect Helrath.

The Nords

The Nords, the master of shaping and refining metals. They are great fighters and have a similar lifestyle and beliefs to the Empire but have there own view distant enough to be interesting. They trade with most races but mainly with the Empire as they are the most wealthiest and offer the best price even though they do go to war with one another frequently.

The Dark Elves

The Dark Elves are the third elven race which lives underground in the forest of Dunhem as they were nearly driven from Ashguard. By going underground they manged to keep most of the land they had before the Elven collapse. The forest is to dangerous during the day as the Empire does hunt the Dark Elves still as they are thought to have helped witch's escape the Templar's.

Why are the Graphics so bad?
The graphics in this game are poor because I have decided to focus more on the gameplay and the mechanics of the game. By doing it this way I'm hoping the game will be more enjoyable and more polished than if I focused more on graphics.

Please feel free to tell us what you think.

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Hello and welcome to the first update in such a long time! Most of you may of thought development may have ceased or I've just forgotten about this project. I hope you will be glad to hear this is far from the case.

So what have I've been doing?


The first thing I've been doing is developing a pipeline of development which has seem to improve productivity and structure. This involves writing in depth how systems will work along with what parameters I have set around these systems. By parameters I mean how much depth the system should have, what it's meant to do and the theme of the game. This should allow for more depth and usability along with more cohesion between systems. The GDD (Game Development Document) is half way completed and this is where the blueprint of the game is. The size of this currently stands at over 7500 words and will grow larger over the corse of development along with notes and additions.


The game has also had more features added which includes but not limited to; range weapons, a mansion, base animations, post processing and most importantly AI.

A image showing to current progression on the AI system

The AI system is nearing a stage where it can be shown off in full and tested. The system includes dynamic environment interaction (kicking people into fires, chandeliers being dropped for example), cover system, intelligence system and dynamic movement. What is currently implemented is the path finding element allowing for the AI to find its way to anywhere within the world with weightings (e.g. It will pick roads over fields etc). The AI can also use the dynamic movement system meaning that they can crawl, climb, jump over and roll over/under obstacles. Cover system is near completion, simple cover rating is implemented and closest possible place but an issue with finding the correct position. This means that the dynamic environment interaction and intelligence system needs to be added. These systems will allow for more variation in the way the AI react and should make it more interesting to play and more varied scenarios.

I hope you are looking forward to hearing more!

Really Quick Update

Really Quick Update

News 2 comments

This is just a really quick update just to show this game is not dead!

New Engine!

New Engine!

News 2 comments

Talking about the new engine the game will be using.

Kings of Ashguard Update

Kings of Ashguard Update


This is one of the two games which I have been working which helps make Blades of War.

New development Plan

New development Plan

News 2 comments

This is an update informing you of the changes made to the development of the game. I do want to say the game is still being made but I've have taken...

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Tracking. Nice idea for game! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
IMTheGameRunner Creator

Thank you very much!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Awesome.Keep up the good job!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
IMTheGameRunner Creator

Thank you! I'll try my best!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

seems like this will be more than just fighting.
i love it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
IMTheGameRunner Creator

Thanks, there will be much more than fighting. You will be able to gain power any way you imagine.

Some Examples:

Reply Good karma+3 votes

sounds promising, will it cost anything?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
IMTheGameRunner Creator

At moment my plan is to have it free to play except for DLC(please note this is for substantial dlc only and not small one's), there will also be micro transactions which won't brake the game but will allow people to not spend time converting their in-game money for different currency(Ten diffrent currency's + micro transactions which will all be lore friendly), I know most people hate this way of funding improvements for the game and making more games but I will try and make it not pay to win and if it does end up like that I will scrap the micro transactions for something like GW2 system where it's a one off payment and for DlC.

Please give any suggestions and what you feel about it and I will look into addressing it.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

This is a LOT of work to be done... good luck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
IMTheGameRunner Creator

I know there's a lot of work to do for this but I'm planning on finishing it in ten years time which should allow me to polish it and make it the game I envisioned; but please don't think you won't be able to play the game before it is finished, you will get to play it in alpha and try the new stuff before it is put into the game like I'm doing at the moment with ship construction.

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