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The main character, a spaceship pilot crashes into a dark, grim ancient world where gods are real and periodically descend from the skies to take their offering of living humans.

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title screen

An action open world RPG set in a dark, ancient world with sci-fi elements

CONCEPT background

The main character, a space explorer crashes into a dark, gritty ancient world where gods are real and periodically descend from the skies to get their offering of living humans. Master classic weaponry like sword and bow or learn the art of controlling ancient artifacts to survive and ultimately find what Gods' true intentions are.

  • seamless open-world with no loading screens

  • "hand-built" world (no procedural generated content)

  • classic RPG skill system for weapon handling, survival skills or artifact control

  • three factions each with their own god that the player can join

  • focus on exploration

  • multiple endings

  • any player action has a consequence

  • NPC routine – wake up in the morning, go to work, go to sleep

  • day-night transition and weather system

STORY background


The next Descend is about to happen and gods will soon arrive from the skies to get their offering of living individuals. The Outlander finds himself crashed in the dark, mysterious world of Eldasar where he will learn how to survive, discover its people and their mythology and ultimately uncover the Gods' true intentions.


  1. Chapter I

The main character crashes to a small island where he will learn about the basic survival skills he will need to confront the bigger world. He later gets to know the factions of Eldasar and the chapter ends when when he joins one of them.

  1. Chapter II

The Outlander will witness the Descend and then use his newly gained skills to gather the seven ancient crystals scattered throughout the archipelago and use them to activate the Portal to the City Of Gods.

  1. Chapter III

It's time to confront the gods and decide the fate of the people of Eldasar.

SETTING background

The game takes place on Eldasar, an archipelago consisting of six islands surrounded by what its inhabitants call The Great Shield, a defensive barrier built by the gods to protect their people.


There are three main factions living on the main island and each of them has its own patron deity. In exchange for their protection the gods periodically descend from the skies to get their offering of living humans from their people. The relationship between the factions often reflect the one between their respective gods.

FACTIONS background

People of the Sun

The People of the Sun reside in the great fortress of Dullmor and their god is Hellgon, the God of Light. They are excellent craftsmen and merchants and have the largest mine in Eldasar. Wearing the best equipment their warriors have the reputation of being the best in the realm.

It is believed that Hellgon is the most powerful god and during the Descent will take the biggest offering of humans.

Main Skills: Endurance, Melee, Dual Wield, Strength, Merchant, Mining

god of the sun

People of the Sea

The People of the Sea' main settlement is Fellvantor and their deity is Aroth, the Water God. They are renowned explorers of the seas and it is believed they are the ones who best know the outer islands of the archipelago.

It is an honor for these people to be taken as an offering by Aroth.

Main Skills: Strength, Shield, Melee, Endurance, Sailing, Fishing

god of the sea

People of the Forest

The People of the Forest live deep into the woods in the and worship Farruna, the Nature Goddess. They say the forest provides them with everything they need. They are good hunters and masters of Telekinesis.

Their goddess, Farruna only takes women during Descents.

Main Skills: Dexterity, Archery, Survival, Telekinesis, Stealth

goddess of the forest

GAMEPLAY background

Explore the world of Eldasar for rare items, improve your skills, get better equipment and complete quests to get more experience and unravel the secrets of this dark world. The Outlander will offer 12-15 hours of gameplay for completing the main story and an additional 8-10 hours for the side quests.

Player Skills

The main character can learn skills from NPC trainers throughout the world once he gets enough experience (skill points). Most of the time he'll have to pay for these teachings.

  • Strength

  • Dexterity

  • Telekinesis (artifact control)

  • Endurance

  • Melee

  • Shield

  • Archery

  • Dual Wield

  • Stealth

  • Survival

  • Merchant

  • Sailing

  • Fishing

  • Mining



Mastering all the combat techniques in The Outlander can be a very difficult task but being very good at one or two of them could get you through almost any situation.

  • Sword/Axe/Hammer/Spear

  • Sword/Axe/Hammer/Spear and Shield

  • Two-Handed Sword/Axe/Hammer

  • Bow

  • Dual Sword/Axe/Hammer/Spear

  • Offensive Artifacts



The world of Eldasar has ancient artifacts scattered through the land, some of them being very powerful. Learn the Telekinesis skill and master these strong allies.



The world of The Outlander is designed with an emphasis on exploration in mind. Exploration can get rare items and hidden quests to the player.



The premise sounds just like the outlander movie. Well I guess that's what you wanted right? Looks very interesting :) I'll be following this.

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omnidream Creator

Hello! W ehave changed the premise in the meantime. Will update the concept soon :) The game world remains the same though.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I help you with promotional details if you like to help get the game some more attention from Games Media as well as write a more descriptive summary at the top of the page. I see a lot of potential in this game as it could turn out to be a series that everyone likes or introduces new game play elements to video games

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I should mention if you need funding for your game you should sign up for this site Fig.co

The Link should take you to a page explaining how it works and how much they take from the campaign funds.

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The main premise of your game is that a spaceship pilot crashes on an alien world where "Gods" are real. Seems a little to simple if you ask me how about the Gods that are already on the planet are just other space travelers who have also crash landed on the planet, but have done so much earlier than the main character and the locals who live on the planet don't know what their technology is and explain it way as magic and it's up to the Player to decide if he wants the locals to worship him as a God or if he wants to help them advance their technology forward that would be an interesting to do. Also are you working on this alone or do you have a group because if you need help with publishing I can submit it to Steam Greenlight under my account so yo can sell it because this game if marketed correctly could be great starting point if you want to breakout in Game Development also if I help market the game it would be good for me as I want to become a video game publisher.

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omnidream Creator

Thanks for your input Devil! The premise of the game is very simplified indeed in the description. Your ideas are really cool and some of them are close to what's actually happening in the game. Also thanks for pointing out about fig.co as we will need funding in order to finish this game. Currently there are 2 of us working on the project.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

If you need any help just let me know as I said before I want to be a video game publisher, but I'm just starting out like you are.

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