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Creator and lead developer of the AMC Squad, Nuclear Showdown, and Imagination World. Been working on Build engine stuff for over 20 years now; I've been working on AMC TC since 2007.

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EDuke32 Community

EDuke32 Community

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It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum!

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Metaltooth - - 2,671 comments

I have to say man. Really like your character in game. He feels the most grounded out of the bunch and feels like the closest to a true agent trying to take the job seriously in AMC

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andrea89 - - 267 comments

So since you've released all the 3 episodes from the excellent game THE AMC TC, what can we expect now from the future? Will you make another FPS's in retro style using the Duke Nukem3D game engine? Thanks! :D

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Jblade35 Creator
Jblade35 - - 432 comments

there's 2 more episodes to go

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Spinopsis2019 - - 2 comments

Hey there, Happy New Year

Sorry I'm late to the party, but I really love your work on the AMC TC team.
I'd love to help out but I'm not really a programmer, though I have a micrphone. I saw the announcement from 2018, so if you still need voice actors, I'm up for it. But it's okay if all the spots are full, I mean I'm kind of a year late.
Wishing you all the best for this year and good luck with the mods.

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Jblade35 Creator
Jblade35 - - 432 comments

I'll definitely need more VAs for EP4, keep an eye out on the news posts when the time comes ;)

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Kazamanowski - - 252 comments

Hey Jblade35!
I'm curious if you're planning to implement co-op gameplay into AMC TC.
I think making a co-op gameplay update for the first two episodes would be a good idea, and then making it possible in episode 3.

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Jblade35 Creator
Jblade35 - - 432 comments

Eduke32 doesn't have multi support unfortunately - it's not clear if it will do again but if it does, co-op is definitely planned.

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RodVeska - - 135 comments

Here's my review of the AMC TC: Brandonchovey.net

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Dynamo128 - - 981 comments

I am your greatest fan. You must know this.

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Jblade35 Creator
Jblade35 - - 432 comments

cheers dude, I appreciate it :D

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