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Commander Sid is a 2D platform shooter with a unique twist: you have the ability to change the direction of your own gravity. This means you are free to move wherever you want, however you want. During your quest, you will encounter tons of items to collect, enemies to slay, walls to walk on and people to befriend.

  • Alter your gravity to progress through the game!
  • Slay the enemies in your path!
  • Discover and explore a massive, multidimensional maze!
  • Work your way forward to defeat the evil surrounding the space colony you've been destined to protect!

The game is currently in a demo state, and only the first few rooms are playable. More is to come later.

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Update - 28/10/2017


Long time no see!

This is an update to let people know that I am still alive and developing this game.

Boy, a lot sure has happened since the last time I updated the game back in May... One of the things is that the game received two awards at the LBS Game Awards (which is basically a contest for students from LBS High Schools all over Sweden), these being 1st Place in Best Technology, as well as 2nd Place in Best Overall! Of course, this really means everything to me, but even a little more than that since this was the first major feedback I received, having gotten almost none prior to this. It was basically what gave me determination to continue working. I also graduaded high school, and am now employed at the moment. No longer having homework, hopefully I will be able to get stuff finished more effectively than before.

But real-life events aside... In terms of development, what has been going on in the gap between the last update up until now? Well...

Hub World

Perhaps the most important thing is the development of the new hub world which the player will be heading for next. There is a unique twist to this hub world, though: there are districts hanging from the ceiling! This means that you are to flip your gravity in order to see the whole picture. You never know what stores and secrets hang right above you! The entire area is four rooms big, with around six to seven buildings in each one. So far, I have managed to finish the layout of the entire city (a process that took one and a half month!), and now I am creating the interiors for each accessible building (not all are supposed to be, thankfully). I have finished a couple of apartments, as well as the first few interiors for a hospital.

Commander SID The Adventures of 4

This is an image taken from outside the Casino. I suppose any Italian-speaking reader are able to assume what its name is! Here you are supposed be able to gamble for in-game currency through slot machines and a Poker table.

Commander SID The Adventures of 3

The Town Arcade. Random mini-games to be played here. Thinking about porting my earlier Game Maker 8 projects to this place.

Commander SID The Adventures of 1

A hospital. Don't worry, these doctors are professionals - they know how to cure their patients the moment they see them!

Commander SID The Adventures of 2

This is an apartment, among the first ones in the city. As you can probably imagine, this house belongs to someone who loves Japanese culture. That glowing thing in front of the player is a "Gravitator," a machine that teleports you a short distance and flips your gravity at the same time. It is used by people who do not have gyrokinesis, like you do. Got to fill in the plot holes!

I do realize I may seem a bit overambitious taking on these massive tasks as a one-man developer...but that is somewhat the point with this whole project - I want to find out how far I can take it, putting as much as I can into a game all by myself, and hopefully turn it into a full-fledged game.

New Collision System

This is also a big one - the collision system has been completely revamped, having been written from scratch in a separate project to be used in my future games. Back in the day, the game used an obsolete system that used individual objects for slopes (furthermore causing spazzing while moving up/down them), glitched up interaction with walls that push you backwards and made you hover slightly above vertically moving platforms. This new system solves all of this, by being based on precise sprite mask checking and a new push-out mechanic that pushes the player out pixel-by-pixel within a single frame, making the game look a lot more polished. Following video will give a more detailed explanation:


Last but not least, I have also written new music to the project. Just like the rest, these two follow my general style of varying 8/16-bit Chiptune. This first song was originally an unfinished scrap written back in May 2016 (I think), but which I later decided to turn into a full-fledged song for the hub world when I started making it.

And this one is for the hospital. Not much to say about this one, other than that I actually sample something for once, hehe...

The Future

As you can see, there has been a lot of chaos these last five months. Positive chaos, that is. I honestly feel rather overwhelmed with how much I have gotten done, especially considering my sluggish workflow... I do have a goal, that within the next three months, all of the hub world interiors will be complete, so all I have to do is place out the NPCs, give them some funny dialogue and then get on with the story progress.

Hopefully I will be able to keep people updated with progress of the game. It depends on how much time and energy I have to do so, considering how long these things take to write.

That is all for now, thanks for reading!


Follow me on Twitter! (Not that I ever use it, but it can be a good thing in case of any important announcements)

The game is available for download here!

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Commander Sid DEMO

Commander Sid DEMO


Demo version. Contains the first area of the game, including four enemy types, one weapon, secret chests and one boss.

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