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Combine freerunning skills and boost powers to survive hectic action puzzles in the dangerous ruins of a futuristic city.
Discover the truth behind the recent disaster while tracking down a mysterious machine from a fallen civilization.

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After some time of secrecy, we now have a page for Cloudbuilt, with a gameplay trailer and some in-game screen shots. If you liked the the meeting of platforming and third person shooting Ovelia: The Wake promised, you'll most likely love Cloudbuilt.

You can find it at indiedb.com/games/cloudbuilt

Ovelia: The Wake taking a detour

Ovelia: The Wake taking a detour

News 4 comments

We’re taking a detour project. Further details in the article.

We’re expanding

We’re expanding

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Development on Ovelia: The Wake is progressing and now’s your chance to be a part of their development team. Are you the one we’re looking for?

Ovelia: The Wake now 175% better

Ovelia: The Wake now 175% better

News 5 comments

To broaden our demographic appeal we now reveal an art style and gameplay reimagining.

Gameplay article and line art

Gameplay article and line art


Check out our gameplay article in the features section along with some gameplay line art

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this looks cool.

Tracking this. looks fun

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This better be april fools...

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wend will we see some in-game vids? love the art here and i am actualy starting to be interested!

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Josmi Creator

Great to hear you feel that way!

We also want to release video soon, so we'll first show a bit of our engine and tools. In-game videos are, as it looks now, maybe a few months away. We'll make it worth the wait! ;)

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haha well don't rush it then! i am a modder myself so i have an idea on how hard it is to build a gameengine from sratch and then make a game whit it :)

the enviorments, the gameplay and the story have potential! but i can't stop thinking that you guys should at least write down a bit more then just two lines of text about the game's story/gameplay... maybe just explain a bit more the crisis the story takes place (if that doesn't spoil anything) does this crisis have started long before the protagonist was even born? is it recent in the story's timeline? and finnaly seen from the last pic i can say this might also be a third person shoter... so who will we shoot at? well sorry if this questions bother you :) but as i said i am interested :) and also interested to the fact that this game is indie! lately indie games are haveing much more quality then games by ea or other large companys that simply make the traditional first persons shotters all the time :)

well any way thanks for reading!

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Josmi Creator

You should check out our features section*. I think you'll find some more answers there! :)

You raise a good point, though - we could fill out the summary with more info now. Thanks for the feedback!

* Here's a link: Indiedb.com

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Can you people please learn the difference between PARKOUR and free running... then you might realize that no, Mirrors Edge did NOT have free running, it had PARKOUR. Thank you.

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PoiPoiC Creator

I don't know about EA and Mirrors Edge but I think everyone has a different opinion of what freerunning and parkour is.

In our case we're not featuring "Parkour" for example, as I think it sets a certain style to this sport, but we're calling it freerunning as a collective term for utilizing the environment to get around effectively with original designs.

If you have any feedback to give to our animations though, feel free when the time comes. We'd appreciate that. :)

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I was talking about panfuuf, and parkour is a way of utilizing your enviorment to get around effectively, free running is adding style to that, adding flips and such. And im just going off the actual definition, you can believe whatever bs you want.

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This looks nice but how do you plan the free running without disturbing action and puzzles, cause games like mirrors edge the free running was great but the fighting was horrible.

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Gafgar Creator

Thanks for the comment and for showing interest in the game!

We have actually planned to talk more about gameplay in the upcoming news post for this Friday, but I will gladly shed some light on the subject you mentioned.

Concerning the free running part though, or rather the platforming elements of the game in relation to action, I would say that our game have these “systems” integrated into each other. You rarely do action separate from platforming, and if you do it is more of your own choice. I would like to compare our games platforming more to the likes of Megaman X and N/N+ (but in 3D!), then to the likes of Mirror’s Edge or Prince of Persia.

Hope to clarify things a bit more if you check back on Friday : )

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