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Help is needed with making the game map, so if anyone out there knows how to make a decent large map in CryEngine 3, then contact me

"The world is your canvas." Terra is a game like no other, yet at the same time is like a lot of games. it is unique as it has a full earth sized map for you to use, but has the freedom of any world in Minecraft, without most of the monsters ;). It is unique in its approach to combat with the choice to be a general or a soldier, yet is easy to pick up like a Call of Duty game. Also, this game takes empire management to a whole new level. so go ahead, be good for a day. lets see what you can do.
Planned Features (subject to change without warning)
- Full earth sized map to travel. random spawn locations spread throughout.
- NPC characters to interact with that can make their own civilization and can do unexpected things.
- Dynamic World- your choices could have effects across the world.
- Multiple "eras" to progress through- start off in a time akin to the beginning of the Roman Empire and finish in the Space Age.
- Area management- turn your group of travelers into a thriving community. Manage the buildings in your city, upgrade buildings, build defenses, and more.
- Technology- you can select a specific technology to research, or have some of your top scientists make the calls.
- Player Customization- your world, your character, customize him to your perfection

And More! (i couldn't remember the rest :P)

My Email---> Mattcrane123@gmail.com
send me an email if you would like to give a suggestion, ask a question, or want to help with any aspect in the game. anyone with coding/scripting, modeling, texturing, or any other game design field i missed are welcome with approval from the other two core members helping me.

Help is needed with making the game map, so if anyone out there knows how to make a decent large map in CryEngine 3, then contact me

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General Outline of Thingies


Ok so, to start off im gonna say right now that it might be a while in between updates, depending on how hectic school is and how good i get at doing game making ;) any way, right now im working on models for the last era of the game, the space age, because i thought you guys had seen enough swords, machine guns, airplanes and jets, so right now im working on models, all custom made from me. once i get better at using my modeling software ill start making the smaller things like guns. Another point of interest is the game engine; i will not be using the cry engine 3 despite what the main page says, i am waiting on the Software Development Kit for a game engine called "INovae" that is currently in development. The reason im waiting for it is because it can make a full size galaxy, with thousands of stars, all with full size planets that are all ready to be explored, at least until you get to the space age. As for the actual game development, i will release a new version every time i think the next era is ready to be played, with small updates whenever needed. here are some other fun things to daydream about:

stage 1: none
stage 2: basic upgrades (scope, larger mag, etc)
stage 3: more complex upgrades (longer barrel, fore grip, grenade launcher, etc)
stage 4: complete control (ammo type, decals, color, etc)

VEHICULAR ACTIVITIES (driving, flying, sailing, etc)
stage 1: none
stage 2: basic activities
stage 3: more complex, flying
stage 4: freedom

stage 1: none
stage 2: color
stage 3: weapon load out, amount of armor
stage 4: fully customizable (engine, amount of weapons, etc)

stage 1: name
stage 2: clothes
stage 3: skin tone, hair, tattoo's, etc
stage 4: race(?)

and more that i probably forgot about!


So It Minecraft But Better

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MattCrane Creator

anyone following this game happen to be good at modeling in blender, or even google sketch-up?

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And how do you plan on licensing the game engine? Kickstarter?

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MattCrane Creator

its not my engine, its from a company called Inovae studios


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Ok, fine that looks interesting, but what you said looks like it is big, powerful and very superior in graphics but it will be ultra slow, please be a little more careful and try to estimate a release date cause I CANĀ“T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME :D

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MattCrane Creator

thanks! i cant wait too, but until the software that i want to use is ready, which should be relatively soon, i cant really do anything with it besides modeling and the like, but i am pretty much done modeling the space age fleet, which i plan to upload this weekend (if the world doesnt end ;)

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Looks like really interesting and ambitious game but I dont know
if people will be able to play it because if it is going to be good on graphical aspect it will be very difficult game for a computer

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MattCrane Creator

i thought the same when brainstorming, but the engine i plan on using is very powerful but can keep up a good 40 FPS right now, and its still in development, so i have good hopes for the outcome, and there are always the little shortcuts that can be made ;)

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Looks very interesting.

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