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The dream of managing a Cold War superpower through an incredibly tumultuous era is now becoming reality. Log into your favorite command terminal and assert dominance over your rival superpower in this multiplayer strategy game. Plans are nothing; planning is everything in this worldwide conflict.

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This development diary is a detailed look at ground and air units and their setup in the Order of Battle!

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Hello and welcome to Terminal Tuesday and a brand new development diary!

TerminalConflict Military

By dusk, my hand shook out of the cold and the fear. “Damned spotters!” – a voice mumbled in a neighboring foxhole, soon confirmed by the incoming whistles of 60mm mortar fire passing overhead. One round hit 15ft in front of our machine gunner, the second hit the ridgeline. Pressing our heads down, the ground started shaking like as if the mountain itself had awaken. The mighty roar of nations rushing tanks into battle. That is how we knew; diplomacy had entered a new phase.

In Terminal Conflict, you command your armed forces on a grand strategy level. Proxy wars, rebellions and revolutions will allow you to show off your skills in leadership. Exploring land and air forces, we honor the brave men and women serving your armed forces. Land/Air units can be procured, deployed and send into battle singularly or combined in any combination of up to five in a group. Combining these three unit types in a region forms strategically an Army Group or Front.

Army Command (AC)

In military terms, this unit constitutes a field army and consists of 100,000 – 200,000 soldiers. This unit is weak when attacked by enemy Bomber Commands.

Active Abilities:

  • Fortify (The only military unit capable of capturing and fortifying regions by increasing its factions Influence by one – 1 Turn)
  • Embark (Embark onto a Surface ship in the same region - For free)

Passive Abilities:

  • Can be transported and disembarked from Surface Fleets
  • Cannot attack sea units
  • Maneuvers - Can be ordered to cross theater borders between adjacent theaters during Arms Race focus
  • When defeated in a region that is not a Warzone, ACs can be withdrawn to a friendly region instead of the Command Reserve
  • All Bomber Commands it attacks directly are instantly defeated
  • Can be infiltrated by CIA/KGB

TerminalConflict MilitaryManeuve

Bomber Command (BC)

Contains several bomber air wings/groups and their support elements. Weak against Fighters and Carrier fleets and very weak against direct attacks from enemy Army Commands

Active Abilities:

  • Rebase (Move Bomber Command to another region with friendly presence)
  • Nuclear launch (can be equipped with nukes if enabled by technology - Nuclear)

Passive Abilities:

  • Capable of long-range air operations within its deployed theater
  • Bombing Mission - Forces reorganization of all enemy ground units in the region it attacks
  • Loses against Fighters and Carrier Fleets in combat as long as the defending unit has remaining combat actions
  • Cannot Withdraw if defeated and is immediately sent Command Reserve/Destroyed
  • Can be infiltrated by CIA/KGB

TerminalConflict MilitaryNOAM

Fighter Command (FC)

Contains several fighter/interceptor air wing/groups and their support. Weak when attacked by enemy Army Commands

Active Abilities:

  • Redeploy (Move Fighter Command to another region with friendly presence)
  • Nuclear launch (can be equipped with nukes if enabled by technology - Nuclear)

Passive Abilities:

  • Provides Air Superiority against Bomber, Carrier Fleet and enemy Fighter Command attacks as long as defending Fighter Command has remaining combat actions
  • Air Mission – Forces engagement of one Army Command in the region it attacks
  • Cannot Withdraw if defeated and is immediately sent Command Reserve/Destroyed
  • Can be infiltrated by CIA/KGB

Order of Battle

Worth noting is that we invested considerable research and effort to set up a historically plausible order of battles giving both factions their deserved attention and to bring you the best and most authentic experience. It includes researching archive materials for Soviet Guard Armies and Tank Armies to calculate each ones relative size, strength and composition.

The Soviet Union is a powerhouse in conventional ground warfare. Fielding no less than 35 Army Commands deployed or in reserves, Soviet formations are geographically focused and very commanding compared to the 10 globally fielded by the Americans. What the USA lacks in ground forces, they make up in air power. The United States fielding 5 Bomber Commands and 13 Fighter Commands compared to the USSR’s 2 BCs and 5 FCs.

This also comprises calculations our research team made for relative firepower and scope of responsibility, which is how we were able to construct comparable on map units on a grand strategy scale. The power is yours! Discover your strategic Cold War muscles on the battlefield and lead your nation to victory!

Drop us a message and tell us what braveries you have in store for your conventional armed forces in Terminal Conflict on Twitter or Facebook, or write us a comment on Reddit.

Thank you and best regards!

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