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Stellar Tactics combines a classic narrative driven, Party-Based RPG with turn based ground combat, space exploration and a deep character and ship customization system. You will build a team of elite mercenaries and explore a vast universe of over 200,000 systems.

Faced with inevitable destruction at the hands of a mutagenic virus and a irreversible cosmic event, the remnants of the human race embark on a sub-light journey across the vast expanse of space.

Many thousands of years later, they arrive at their destinations hoping to colonize distant worlds. The journey, however, has unexpected consequences, changing the sleeping passengers on each ship in untold ways, giving them frightening powers and amazing gifts.

You are an elite warrior genetically modified, bred for warfare. Your team will wake to investigate an occurrence on one of the ships that carry the remnants of your people, suspended in a deep sleep for the long sub-light journey. Your deeds, will change the destiny of those you protect. Choose wisely, as your actions will be reflected in the events that unfold when you reach your destination and you are unleashed into the void.

A fusion of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Stellar Tactics tells the story of a parallel warring species of human beings, genetic mutation, ancient alien civilizations, unprecedented power and hope. A compelling narrative of finely crafted lore specifically designed to mesh with an open ended RPG sandbox universe. A sandbox universe designed to entertain for many years to come with episodic content releases that will fill thousands of star systems with story and content.



  • Delve into hidden bases, ancient ruins and caves on planets
  • Scout derelict ships, abandoned space stations and anomalies
  • Prospect and mine asteroid fields and planetary resource nodes
  • Gather scanning data that can be sold for profit
  • Pilot your ship across a massive universe in search of fame and fortune


  • Fight, disable and board enemy ships
  • Utilize Psionics - a powerful psychic energy - pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, cryokinesis and geokinesis
  • Augment your weapons and defenses with modifications, devices and nano-technology
  • Build your own specialists in a classless progression system - choose from over 300 skill perks to customize your team members


  • Choose your ship - fast and light for smuggling or massive and slow for large loads of cargo - pilot 40 ships, each with a unique upgradeable configuration
  • Establish the most profitable trade routes between systems
  • Craft some of the most powerful gear in the known universe for use or trade
  • Hack stations and place data buoy's for real time trading data


  • Tons of loot, thousands of item combinations
  • Five weapon tiers, from basic to epic including armor sets and legendary weapons dropped from hand crafted faction and world bosses
  • Customize your team with upgrades and modifications
  • Personal shields, devices and med-packs will keep you alive when used strategically


Stellar Tactics combines a classic narrative driven, Party-Based RPG with turn based ground combat, space exploration and a deep character and ship customization system. You will build a team of elite mercenaries and explore a vast universe of over 200,000 systems.

The game is designed to accept episodic content that will fill the canvas of its massive universe for years to come. With millions of planets, numerous factions and a nearly infinite playability, Stellar Tactics was designed from the ground up to become a rich and diverse Sci-Fi RPG sandbox.

As a Classic RPG, you can expect rich character interaction, dialog tree's and statistic based dialog options for Charisma, Intelligence, Strength and Perception. The options can change the course of interaction in numerous ways. Besides main storyline missions, a dynamic mission AI generates missions based on your current location in the universe and faction alignment. There is always something to do in Stellar Tactics.

Mining for resources both in asteroid belts and on planets generates wealth to help you upgrade your ships, 40 different types in all that can be purchased, attained through special missions or taken by disabling and boarding your enemies. These ships can be sold or kept for later use. A dynamic economy ebb's and flows with the activities of the background AI. As an example, hostile factions destroying a convoy of merchant vessels could cause a commodities price to skyrocket offering opportunities for savvy traders to make a killing.

Tactical, turn based team combat presents new challenges for strategic players. Devices allow the player to fit a total of 12 unique effects both beneficial and combat specific across their team members. Discovery of ancient civilizations could provide you with powerful team based attacks that can annihilate your enemies. Team members with high intelligence may develop psionic powers that allow them to unleash devastating attacks. Shields, weapons (both melee and ranged) and equipment can all be upgraded with Nano-Tech and component parts. Hundreds of skill based perks allow you to customize your team members for the challenges of deep space. Your team members will level through using their skills and defeating enemies in a classless progression system. Space combat will be action based and your ship and weapons will respond to the ship specific skills your team develops over time.

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Hi all - Lots of changes in this patch - see the video for highlights and details below:

ADDED: End turn options. When ending your turn you will have several new options to choose from. This options menu is only displayed if you have 2 or more AP left over when ending your turn. If queuing attacks, your turn will end as usual if no AP is left over. You can cancel out of the end turn menu by pressing the escape key.

WAIT - Wait requires a full bar of AP and allows you to skip your turn, adjusting your position in the turn order. This is handy for cases where your team member may be blocked. When selecting this option, your position in the turn order is adjusted after the last team member in the turn order.

DEFEND - Defend requires 2 AP and has a small chance of avoiding a single attack while waiting for your next turn or mitigating a portion of the next attacks damage. The cost of 2AP is a choice balanced against reloading your weapon or setting your team members in a defensive posture while in combat. Defend is applied after armor, shields and any other damage mitigation. You can see which team members and enemy combatants are defending by rolling over them with your mouse. The status bar at the top of the screen will show a defend icon in cases where combatants are in defend mode.

END TURN - Ends your turn with no AP cost or further action. Any remaining AP up to 2 points will be rolled over into your next turn as it has been in the past.

ADDED: Attacks of opportunity:

  • Only combatants with a melee weapon equipped and selected can execute an attack of opportunity.
  • If a combatant is in range of a melee opponent and they move, the enemy will get a free attack.
  • Combatants get a single chance during any round of having an attack of opportunity applied.
  • Combatants get a single attack of opportunity per round of combat.
  • If the enemy misses you, you will continue to your selected destination.
  • If the enemy does damage, your move will be interrupted. You can choose to heal, attack or move as usual after the attack.
  • Combatants can only be attacked once in any round. That includes instances where the closest enemy combatant has already dealt an attack of opportunity.
  • Status effects have a chance to apply any status effects as normal.
  • Stunned combatants cannot make attacks of opportunity. However, they do remove the moving combatants chance to receive an attack of opportunity for that round.

Combat navigation and blocking has been overhauled. The goal was to improve the way blocking works so it is fair for both the player and the AI. Characters now have descreet blocking areas that work much better than they did previously. You should notice that AI can no longer move through characters when retreating or if blocked in areas by your team members. Enemies also do a much better job of keeping their distance from other characters with this update. You also now have the option to "Wait" in cases where your team members are blocked so you can make adjustments to positioning. I'll be continuing to improve on this system over time.

FIXED: Adding and removing armor with stats (+STR - +END) now correctly update the display of HP in the character info and inventory screens.
FIXED: Bleed resist display in character info screen
FIXED: A number of rounding errors for weapon damage in rollover info, character information and inventory areas.
FIXED: Projectile impacts and damage display are now timed based on range to target
FIXED: Grenade throw animations from crouched position.
FIXED: When swapping weapons, border highlights now updated correctly.
FIXED: When mercs were recruited, they were given 4 less intial stat points than they were supposed to recieve. You are now credited 4 stat points the next time you attack in combat.
FIXED: An error in the trade in value for ships based on charisma.
FIXED: An error in the display of values displayed in trade menus when items had a value of 100,000 credits or more.

UPDATED: You can no longer select team members other than the selected active combatant with the F1-F4 keys and by clicking them while in combat. This was confusing players because they were unable to end their turns if they inadvertantly selected another team member.

UPDATED: Missile launcher damage toned down a bit.

UPDATED: Adjusted mini-gun damage up a bit.

UPDATED: Damage modifiers to burst and full auto - you should see a significant damage boost to both of these fire modes bringing them somewhat in line with the use of ammo and AP expenditure. Burst and full-auto do have a damage penalty to reflect accuracy when firing with these modes. You will deal and receive more peak damage now and will need to mitigate this with healing, especially at higher levels. Time to start using those med-kits. This will be balanced a bit more with the introduction of First-Aid related powers/devices. "Medic!"

UPDATED: Heavy weapon damage increased - should give you a reason to use heavy weapons a little more often now. You are going to want to focus fire on heavy weapon enemies and get them out of the way as a priority. A critical with a heavy weapon is devastating!

UPDATED: Reduced the amount of ammo used for full-auto attacks for rifles, smg's and pistols from 12 to 8. Damage for this fire mode was just too high with the changes above and ammo use was excessive.

UPDATED: Removed level based attack bonuses which were skewing damage. Note that rollover info for weapons is just an estimate based on your currently equipped base weapon damage, equipped mods and a bunch of other factors. Breaking out a calculator is not likely to result in exact damage values. There is a lot of voodoo going on in the background of damage calculations including ranged falloff calculations, stat modifiers and more.

UPDATED: Floating fonts for combat and comments.

UPDATED: Melee received a boost in damage. With the addition of attacks of opportunity, melee team members also gain an additional boost to damage in cases where combatants try to leave the area of influence (see above).

Patch 0.118 and what's next!

Patch 0.118 and what's next!


Progress update for Stellar Tactics posted on Steam Forums!

Progress update - 12/8/17

Progress update - 12/8/17


Weekly progress update for Stellar Tactics posted on Steam Forums!

Stellar Tactics Progress update 12/1/17

Stellar Tactics Progress update 12/1/17


Weekly progress update for Stellar Tactics posted on Steam Forums!

Stellar Tactics - Progress Update 11/24/17

Stellar Tactics - Progress Update 11/24/17


Weekly progress update covering updated ship AI, factions and pursuit and attack.


This game looks awesome. I love turn-based sci-fi/fantasy games.
Do you mind me asking what language/framework/engine are you using to make it?

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Good Luck with the game!!! I have purchased it and cant wait for more content.

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Another progress update - things are moving along - #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #rpg Steamcommunity.com T.co

Jun 16 2018

Making progress - See the video and notes at the links below - #indiedev #indiegames #indiegame #videogameT.co

Jun 16 2018

Busy working away on new content for Stellar Tactics. Focused mostly on getting things ready so I can open up the F… T.co

Apr 21 2018

An new patch will be out this Friday for Stellar Tactics that includes the radar system, updates to the weapon mod… T.co

Apr 5 2018

Progress update 3/16/18 I've posted a progress update on the Steam store page - covers progress over the last month… T.co

Mar 17 2018

A new patch is out now with a number of enhancements to the ground combat system. #screenshotsaturday #indiedevT.co

Feb 17 2018

Thanks @BurdenOfCommand - really appreciate you forwarding the link. That's an amazing lineup and I'm really happy… T.co

Feb 8 2018

Patch 0.118 and what's next! - Latest patch notes for Stellar Tactics and plans for upcoming combat changes.… T.co

Jan 21 2018

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