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Planet Centauri is a 2D Sandbox/plateformer/Gestion game but it is much more than that.
In Planet Centauri, you will encounter many characters who’ll support you or will seek to harm you,and a multitude of questions that will torment you to solve ; Why are you here? How are you going to leave ? Who are the Night Walkers? Why is your robot companion such a ♥♥♥ hole ? Is it really a flying pig you just saw ? Add to that the number of events that will spice up your life and make your daily life. The achievements that have a real impact in the game is no longer a dream !These will affect your success and attend well to enrich your world by unforeseen events .

Features :

  • ColorBlind filters
  • Each Monster, Weapon and armor is unique !
  • Dynamic gameplay & movement
  • Create your own magic like you want !
  • Multiplayer
  • Catch them all ! Capture and tame a monster
  • 100,000 ++ physical combinaisons and more than 500 clothes
  • 2 play mode, Scenario and Sandbox and 3 difficulty mode
  • Achievements are real impact in the game
  • Weather
  • Agriculture and Cooking
  • Fishing (dangerous)
  • Create your weapons and armors
  • Create a village and give a job to the people
  • Create a advanced network system !
  • Set the behavior of the NPC and Robots
  • God Saucer - A lot of mini games and challenges
  • Mods, Mods everywhere - use the many editors to create your own dungeons, biomes, monsters etc...

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New Game + Unlocked! You are more than 550 trusting us and participate in the financing of the game, we really want to thank you for this!The next "stretch goal" is the tower of the 100 challenges and we still have 26 days to go so do not hesitate to talk about the game on social networks and forums!Remember also that we have an official forum, if you have any questions, we will answer here:www.planetcentauri.com/forumThanks you again! ✌(◕‿-)

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Agriculture, Fight, Magic and Gems : How to survive on Planet Centauri !

Centauri is a dangerous planet and, to survive, you'll have to master some basics.
Your character has a Life and an Energy bar. The Energy will be used for special and magic attacks and could be increased (as well as Life of course).

So, the more you have Energy, the more you can use Special or Magic Attacks before having to rest. You could also access to more efficient spells you created !

Example :

With 100 Energy, you could create a custom spell which allow you to cast 7 bouncy fireballs doing explosive damage at contact.

With 200 Energy, you could cast the previous spell 2 times or create a more powerful version : 12 fireballs with explosive damage increased by 30% or 1 ball with 500% more damage... Possibilities are infinite !

To have Energy, you must eat ! Each new ingredient you'll eat will give you a continuous bonus (it can be Energy, Life, Speed...). If you eat the same ingredient a second time, it will only give temporary bonus (Life regen i.e).

So, it will be very important to hunt, fish, be a farmer and cook to discover new recipes !

Basically, killing monsters and opening chests will let have the materials needed to have high-level equipment, better technology, creating robots or taming pets. But, if you really want to be powerful, you'll have to take time to discovre ingredients, slashing monsters, looking for rare fruits, exploring the zones at different times of the day (to see if it has an influence on the presence of rare ingredients, monsters or plants), spending time on the fields or in the kitchen.

As you already know it, you can create your own spell in Planet Centauri. Creation will be like crafting a weapon or an armor, with some choices to make :

Spell's nature
• Fire, Water, Ice, Life, Death, Arcane...

Spell's type
• on yourself, around yourself, by touch, at distance...

Spell's effects
• casting time, damage, Area of Effect, Damage on Time, number of objects (fireballs, ice pikes...), distance, bouncing effect, explosive damage...
• Slow, Freeze, Poison, Burn, Repel...

There's infinite possibilities that'll allow you to set up your spells according to your style !

These are attacks that need a gem and and Energy to be used

Here comes the most challenging part to explain. Obviously, we won't let you use Special and Magic Attacks indefinitely. You'll have to make choices. To help you, we set up a system inspirated by Final Fantasy VII's Materias :

Gems are stones you'll need to find that can contain a spell, a monster's soul or a Special Attack. To use the gem, you'll have to place it in socket you can find on weapons ar armors. Apiece of armor or a weapon can have 1 or more sockets. When the gem is placed you can use what's inside (spell, summon, special attack).

With a limited number of sockets, you'll have to choose carefully !

Top 100 greenlight!

Top 100 greenlight!


our game is 87th in the top 100 greenlight in just 12 days!

Indiegogo and Greenlight UP !

Indiegogo and Greenlight UP !


Indiegogo and Greenlight up ! Thanks you for our support !




The trailer is finally here ! The greenlight and Indiegogo will happen very soon (3-4 days)

Construction, slopes and color

Construction, slopes and color


good news for all architects/Builders ! The engine accept slopes, rotation, template, save/load at real time, you can change dynamically the colors of...

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[Update]Planet Centauri demo

[Update]Planet Centauri demo

Demo 4 comments

New demo! Update September 2015 Beta release coming soon!

Planet Centauri demo!

Planet Centauri demo!

Demo 1 comment

In order to celebrate the launch of our kickstarter campaign, our team has decided to offer you an early demo of Planet Centauri by releasing the latest...

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ledernierrempart - - 524 comments

everything looks great apart for the land itself. lots of details on everything, even the background but the land is just empty compared to the level of detail of everything else.

outstanding animation btw.

i must say the game is promising, giving a terraria feel but different enough with new feature like custom spells and combos, etc...
i just hope for some teleport back to base item, a minimap and some objective based quests. (like in terraria where you want to kill the boss of the corruption, then the wall of flesh, etc...) more living cavern and maybe less mob spawning every where when exploring the map.
oh and the first quests are really nice for new players but a bit a pain to do for 'experimented' players just to access to better quests...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 696,516 comments

Will the full game be free?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Soley1x1 - - 16 comments

Very nice game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
PlanetCentauri Creator
PlanetCentauri - - 30 comments

Thank you Soley :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Ameer.Israel - - 2 comments

looks almost like Terria. but great job

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
7minutoz - - 1 comments

como baixo?esse é o melhor site para se baixar jogos mais quase nenhum pega para download

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Terabyte843 - - 1 comments

this game looks like the most amazing game I have ever seen.... and that's saying something because I have seen a lot of games.... I would and im pretty sure a lot of people would love it if your brought your game to steam.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
tyson275 - - 19 comments

Why can't I down vote your post?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 696,516 comments

le jeu est payant

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
megaluigiman - - 1 comments

Looks like it has TONS of potential. Would play as soon as its released or sign up for a closed beta or alpha

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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